Clinical leadership: what does a 'clinically-led' health organisation look like?

Online event - Zoom
Wednesday 1 September 2021 (13:00-14:00)

Jennie Oldfield (


Clinical leadership: what does a ‘clinically-led’ health organisation look like?

The seminar will explore different perspectives of what it means to be a clinically-led organisation. This term is often used (in opposition to managerially-led) but how it is enacted in practice varies. Our speakers will:

  • Explore the evidence base relating to clinicians in leadership positions, particularly in Board level position. Clinically-led here has a formal sense in terms of senior leadership positions.
  • Consider the relationships between professions. Clinically-led may often mean medically-led, but other professions are also engaged in leadership positions, so what forms might ‘clinically-led’ take.
  • Look at the issues from outside the Anglo-American context where much of the research evidence is situated, through an analysis of the Indian health care system. Our three speakers will each speak for 10 minutes, which will give plenty of time for questions and discussion.


In association with Wiley and Birmingham Business School. This seminar is part of HSMC’s seminar series, and promotes our new online MBA Clinical Leadership.