Lunchtime Seminar series – Migration and Asylum research

Wednesday 17 October 2018 (00:00)

Davina Weston

Rachel Humphris:  The University of Sanctuary Scheme

Rachel will briefly overview the University of Sanctuary scheme and how UoB is working towards becoming a more welcoming place for forced migrants. In particular, this includes increasing the number of sanctuary scholarships on offer to undergraduates who are ineligible for student finance due to their migration status 

SEREDA (Sexual and gender-based violence against Refugees: Experiences from Displacement to Arrival) - The State of Knowledge

The SEREDA project presents the state of knowledge on sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) against refugees and their experiences from displacement to arrival, capturing the continuum of violence. Three working papers will be presented in the seminar concerning barriers to monitoring SGBV, response and treatment, as well as SGBV experiences and integration of refugees. 

Lisa Goodson and Hoayda Darkal:  ‘Monitoring and reporting incidents of sexual and gender based violence across the refugee journey’

This presentation considers the way in which incidents of SGBV have been recorded across the refugee journey. It will look at current mechanisms used to record and monitor instances of SGBV and assesses the strengths and weaknesses of current systems. 

Sandra Pertek:  ‘Sexual and gender-based violence and refugees: the impacts of and on integration domains’

Sandra will present the key findings of this working paper.  This includes how SGBV experience impacts on refugees’ integration and how the integrative domains impact on refugee SGBV survivors. 

Sara Alsaraf:   'Responding to Refugees' Experiences of SGBV: Guidelines and Interventions'

The short and long-term physical and psychological consequences of SGBV can be devastating. This working paper reviews interventions offered to migrants who have suffered SGBV and summarises guidelines produced by international humanitarian agencies.