Basic Income for All: the key to a progressive future or a dead end?

Room 1150 Muirhead, University of Birmingham
Wednesday 23 October 2019 (16:00-18:00)

Davina Weston



Long dismissed as utopian, the idea of a basic income has been rising up the political agenda. Such a scheme would, for the first time, bring a guaranteed income floor. Supporters claim it would cut poverty, boost security, and promote choice. But the idea remains controversial.

So is a basic income feasible and affordable? Would it be empowering? Would it help heal today’s broken system of income support and insecure economy? Could it be funded by dividends from a Citizen’s Wealth Fund? Or is it a dangerous idea, or as critic claims, ‘snake oil` ?

Speaker: Stewart Lansley 

Stewart Lansley has written widely on poverty, inequality and wealth and is the co-author (with Howard Reed) of the 2019 Compass report: Basic income for all:  from desirability to feasibility and co-editor (with Amy Downes) of It’s Basic Income: The Global Debate, Policy Press, 2018. His other recent books include A Sharing Economy, Policy Press, 2016, Breadline Britain, The Rise of Mass Poverty, Oneworld, 2015 ( with Joanna Mack ). His book, The Cost of Inequality, Gibson Square, 2011 – was runner up in the Spear’s Economics and Business Books of 2012.

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This event is part of the SPSC Lecture Series.