Social Lettings Agencies (SLAs) (2016-17)

The Housing and Communities Research Group has now completed its project with the West Midlands Housing Officer Group on Social Lettings Agencies (SLAs) in the West Midlands, building on earlier work for Birmingham City Council.

SLAs are becoming an important route into the private rented sector for groups who might previously have accessed social housing. Over the past year we have been working with the West Midlands Chief Housing Officers Group and Birmingham City Council who in 2014 established Let to Birmingham in partnership with Omega Lettings (now part of the Mears Group). We have:

  • developed a typology of SLAs drawing on a scoping study and literature review
  • undertaken a depth study of Let to Birmingham scope to learn about the experience of tenants and landlords.
  • supported peer learning among West Midlands authorities through three networking events in Telford, Birmingham and Stafford
  • produced a series of research reports with recommendations for future policy and practice
  • held a Regional Research Presentation at which stakeholders responded to our policy recommendations

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Final reports

On 27 March 2017 three final project reports are published by the Housing and Communities Research Group completing their work with the West Midlands Housing Officers Group :

  1. Social Lettings Agencies in the West Midlands (PDF, 2MB)
  2. Let to Birmingham 2016 Case Study (PDF, 1MB)
  3. Literature Review and Typology (PDF, 1MB) 

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Peer exchange and and presentation events 

Our final event  was held on 10 March 2017 at the Library of Birmingham when over 50 stakeholders from across the region attended the Regional Research Presentation and heard responses to our recommendations from Let to Birmingham Social Lettings Agency, Birmingham City Council, Crisis and Spring Housing. 

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Peer learning Events 

In November 2016 and January 2017 three peer learning events were held in Telford, Stafford and Birmingham. A sample of the presentations and peer learning framework from the Telford event can be downloaded below. 

More information

For more information on this research project, please contact David Mullins,