Department of Social Work and Social Care Research

The Department of Social Work and Social Care undertakes world-leading research influencing both policy and practice and funded by a variety of sources, including the Economic and Social Research Council, National Institute of Health, Department for Education, Department of Health, Wellcome Trust and the Leverhulme Trust. Our research community includes academic staff, research fellows and PhD students, and we seek to promote research excellence within an environment that allows researchers to flourish.

Our research includes conceptual and empirical work, and is used to create research-informed teaching. This research-informed pedagogy is a key aspect of our regional Teaching Partnership, which includes strong links to service providers and service users and carers.  Research undertaken by the Department seeks to improve our understanding of the world and to change it by making a positive difference in people's lives.

The Department’s research is organised around six broad themes

The department has an archived project, funded by the ESRC, called Whole Families which explored how services could work with a family holistically instead of separating individuals into cases with independent, unlinked service provision.

The University also hosts a Research Network on Informal and Formal Caregiving, which brings together academics, informal caregivers and caring professionals who are concerned about or involved in researching contemporary issues and contributing to debates on informal caregiving and caregiving in employment.

Several members of the department are involved in the Leadership in Social Work work stream, housed in the Centre for Health and Social Care Leadership, with both conceptual, pedagogical and empirical elements.

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