Post-crisis professionalism

Edgbaston Park Hotel
Thursday 20 June (11:00) - Friday 21 June 2024 (15:00)

Setting the agenda for a new politics of healthcare professionalism

Funded by the British Academy, this two-day conference will foster debate amongst researchers, policymakers and professional representatives to better understand the socio-cultural and political pressures facing healthcare professionals following the COVID-19 pandemic, and to understand how these pressures are transforming healthcare professionalism.

Healthcare professionalism is conceptualised as an inherently political construct that is shaped by the expectations of multiple stakeholders and where professionals themselves negotiate these expectations in their practice, culture and identity. In the contemporary, post-pandemic period, healthcare systems face significant resource constraints and workforce shortages; the possibilities and risks of new technologies, especially AI in the re-shaping of care; and growing appreciation of pervasive health disparities and the need to remodel services towards more preventative health improvement.

Such demands call for health professionalism to be re-imagined at the cultural and political levels. The aim of the conference is to establish a new global research agenda that will set the direction of scholarship and professional development for the next decade by encouraging international comparative research and cross-national thinking.

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Charlotte Croft, University of Liverpool, UK

Robert Dingwall, Independent Scholar, UK

Martijn Felder, Erasmus University, The Netherlands

Tania Jenkins, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, USA

Federico Lega, University of Milan, Italy

Mirko Noodegraaf, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands

Dimitra Petrakaki, University of Sussex, UK

Paula Rowland, University of Toronto, Canada

Natewinde Sawadogo, University of Thomas Sankara, Burkino Faso

Simon Turner, University of Los Andes, Colombia

Iris Wallenburg, Erasmus University, The Netherlands

Justin Waring, University of Birmingham, UK


20th June

11.00: Registration Opens

11.30: Welcome

12.00: Networking Lunch

13.00: Theme 1: Knowledge and Practice Under Pressure (3 papers)

2.50: Break

15.10: Theme 2: Working ou/through boundaries and connections (3 papers)

17.00: Close of Day one

18.00: Dinner at Conference Venue (included in fee)

21st June

9.00: Theme 3: Organisational and Technological Innovation (3 papers)

10.30: Break

11.00: Theme 4: Professions, Publics and Politic (3 papers)

13.00: Lunch

13.45: Roundtable discussion to showcase and discuss early career research

15.00 Close