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Welcome to the School of Social Policy, where our mission is ‘to understand the world – but also to change it’. This means carrying out high quality and relevant research, but then using this as a starting point for making a practical difference in the real world through our teaching, our professional training, our policy advice and our work with local communities, the public and the media. 



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Posted 24 November 2017

The Housing Package

David Mullins in the Birmingham Perspective: "The most positive announcement for housing tenants was the U Turn on Universal Credit implementation to abolish the 7 day period with no entitlement to benefit and to continue to pay Housing Benefit for two weeks after a Universal Credit claim is made. This will ease the misery for claimants and reduce rent arrears issues for landlords but there is much more to be done."

Posted 24 November 2017

NHS funding: some temporary respite

Professor Judith Smith in the Birmingham Perspective: "For the NHS, this Budget settlement represents more of what the Comprehensive Spending Review offered – a crisis deferred not averted. New money is insufficient to address deep-seated problems, and the Chancellor is linking it to achieving waiting list and other targets that are already proving way out of reach for the NHS."

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