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Welcome to the School of Social Policy, where our mission is ‘to understand the world – but also to change it’. This means carrying out high quality and relevant research, but then using this as a starting point for making a practical difference in the real world through our teaching, our professional training, our policy advice and our work with local communities, the public and the media. 

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Posted 17 July 2019

Should hospitals have doctors as Chief Executives?

Should hospitals have doctors as Chief Executives: New blog by Charlotte Grainger, qualified doctor from the University of Birmingham, graduate of the Health Management and Leadership intercalated programme.

Posted 15 July 2019

Graduation Day

Graduation day for the Social Policy, Sociology and Criminology students at the University of Birmingham

Posted 02 July 2019

Space-Based Leadership: the real challenge in systems

There is a growing focus on 'place-based leadership' in health and social care systems: New blog by Belinda Weir, Lead for Systems Leadership, Director of Leadership and Senior Lecturer, Health Service Management Centre.

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Karl Marx

“Philosophers have sought to understand the world; the point, however, is to change it.”