Ana França-Ferreira

What difference does civil society make? Exploring relationships between social integration and associational life in the context of ethnic and religious diversity

Supervisors: Professor John Mohan and Dr Andrew Davies

Ana’s research will explore the impact of variations in the presence, nature and extent of civil society activity on intergroup relations in communities in England. Specifically, it considers the effects of initiatives implemented by charities such as the Church Urban Fund and the Near Neighbours programme.

Research interests

  • Civil Society
  • Social Policy
  • Social Integration
  • Social Justice
  • Religion
  • Participatory Action Research


Bolton, M., Moore, I., Ferreira, A., Day, C., Bolton, D. (2015) Community organizing and community health: piloting an innovative approach to community engagement applied to an early intervention project in south London, Oxford University Press on behalf of Faculty of Public Health10.1093/pubmed/fdv017

Evans, Y., Wills, J., Datta, K., Herbert, J., McIlwaine, C., May, J., Araújo, J. O., França, A. C., França, A. P. (2007) Brazilians in London: a report for the Strangers into Citizens Campaign, Department of Geography, Queen Mary, University of London.

Contact details

Twitter: @AnaFerreiraUK