Bircan Ciytak

Negotiating belonging across generations – The case of third-generation Turkish migrants in Germany


Bircan received her bachelor's degree in Germany where she was born and grew up. After gaining her master's degree from the University of Birmingham, she continued her education and is currently researching in the field of belonging and identity and the role of diaspora institutions.

For Bircan, doing a doctorate is more than just getting a certificate. Rather, it is her wish to give her community a voice. She is always committed to presenting her research to a wide audience and has participated at various conference in different countries (US, Australia, Norway). 

Research overview

In recent years there has been a rise in anti-Turkish feeling in Germany with a drive to expel Turkish migrants that corresponds to the political shift in Turkey since 2003. The political shift implemented by the JDP (Justice and Development Party; established by the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan) has been researched widely but its impact on Turkish migrants in Germany and their sense of belonging and identity have been missed out. Germany hosts the largest Turkish society living abroad. Therefore, the Ph.D. thesis focuses on Turkish migrants in Germany and aims is to identify what factors shape the 3rd generation Turkish Migrants’ sense of belonging and identity and to ascertain the role of diaspora institutions, thus the political shift in Turkey. The results will present factors that have an impact on belonging and identity of migrants, highlight political emotions, demonstrate possible causal links between belonging and identity, and the role of diaspora institutions.


  • Dr Nando Sigona
  • Dr Lisa Goodson


  • BA in Political Science at Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz University Hanover
  • MA in International Relations and International Political Economy at University of Birmingham
  • PGCertificate Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Research Methods and Skills (PGCARMS)

Research interests

  • Belonging and identity
  • Diaspora politics/ Governance
  • Political emotions

Teaching responsibilities

  • A2B – Access 2 Birmingham
  • Birmingham International Academy

Professional memberships

  • The Australian Sociological Association



Medium: @bircanciytak

LinkedIn: @bircan-ciytak

Twitter: @1cancytk