Erick Sitepu


Erick SitepuExamining the link between the illicit trafficking of counterfeit goods and police corruption in Indonesia

Supervisors: Dr Mark Monaghan and Dr Emma Watkins

Rampant corruption has brought about extreme social inequality, poverty, and injustice in Indonesia. As the most attractive money-making avenue for organized crime groups, illicit trade in various commodities is increasingly associated with public sector corruption as it offers a complementary source of income that is still tolerated in society, but poses a serious threat to economic growth, business climate and public security. The research will investigate the extent to which the performance of this law enforcement institution can be affected through the use of trade-related corruption.


  • Bachelor of Laws (Indonesia)
  • Bachelor of Police Science (Indonesia)
  • Master of Police Science (Indonesia)
  • Financial Investigations Course (Thailand)
  • Forensic Science and Crime Prevention Course (South Korea)
  • Stability Police Units Middle Management Course (Italy)

Research interests

  • Corruption
  • State crime

Conference papers

Law enforcement against food crime in Jakarta and its surrounding areas by Jakarta Metropolitan Police, the 3rd Asia-Pacific Research in Social Sciences and Humanities Conference, University of Indonesia (August 13-15th, 2018).

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