Dr Özlem Ögtem-Young

Dr Özlem Ögtem-Young

Department of Social Policy, Sociology and Criminology
Research Fellow
Research Lead (Poverty, Precarity, Saving and Debt)

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School of Social Policy
Muirhead Tower
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Özlem Ögtem-Young is a Research Fellow and Research Theme Lead (Poverty, Precarity, Savings and Debt) for  the Centre on Household Assets and Savings Management (CHASM) within the Department of Social Policy, Sociology and Criminology, developing and undertaking research into issues of poverty, precarity and financial insecurity amongst socially and economically marginalised and migrant groups. Her research expertise and interests centre on the politics of migration, conceptualisation and ethics of belonging, inequality and exclusion in the context of forced migration. Her PhD focused on the nexus of (unaccompanied) youth migration, belonging and immigration/asylum policy. She is passionate about social theory and critical, innovative methodologies and collaborative interdisciplinary approaches to research. Before joining CHASM she held a teaching position within the Sociology Department and worked as a researcher for a number of years within the School of Social Policy, School of Education and Birmingham Law School at the University of Birmingham.


  • PhD in Sociology and Social Policy (University of Birmingham) 2021
  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (University of Birmingham) 2008
  • MA in Sociology (University of Birmingham) 2006
  • BSc in Econometrics (Uludağ University, Turkey) 1991


Recent publications


Ögtem-Young, Ö 2024, The Shape of Belonging for Unaccompanied Young Migrants. Global Migration and Social Change, Bristol University Press, Bristol. https://doi.org/10.56687/9781529234275


Ögtem-Young, Ö 2024, 'Belonging-Assemblage: Experiences of Unaccompanied Young People Seeking Asylum in the UK', Sociology, vol. 58, no. 3, pp. 641-658. https://doi.org/10.1177/00380385231199669

Ögtem-Young, Ö & Allen, C 2020, 'Brexit, Birmingham, Belonging and Home: The Experience of Secondary Migrant Somali Families and the Dirty Work of Boundary Maintenance', Safer Communities, vol. 9, no. 2, pp. 49.

Hall, K, Phillimore, J, Grzymala-Kazlowska, A, Vershinina, N, Ogtem-Young, O & Harris, C 2020, 'Migration uncertainty in the context of Brexit: resource conservation tactics', Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies. https://doi.org/10.1080/1369183X.2020.1839398

Ögtem-Young, Ö 2018, 'Faith Resilience: Everyday Experiences', Societies, vol. 8, no. 1, pp. 1. https://doi.org/10.3390/soc8010010

Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Ögtem-Young, Ö 2023, The image of root-less belonging in the age of migration. in L Lessard-Phillips, A Papoutsi, N Sigona & P Ziss (eds), Migration, displacement and diversity: The IRiS anthology. Oxford Publishing Services, Oxford, pp. 88-90.

Other contribution

de Amstalden, M, Jabbour, L, Lewis, P, Miri, T, Onyeaka, H, Ögtem-Young, Ö, Pang, G, Shiu, E, Stephens, N & Winnall, L 2023, Written evidence submitted by the University of Birmingham (FSC0011): ‘Fairness in the food supply chain’: University of Birmingham. UK Parliament. <https://committees.parliament.uk/writtenevidence/122860/pdf/>

Web publication/site

Allen, C & Ogtem-Young, O, Brexit, Birmingham and Belonging: Anxieties About 'Home' Among Secondary Migrant Somali Families, 2017, Web publication/site, The Sociological Review. <https://www.thesociologicalreview.com/blog/brexit-birmingham-and-belonging-anxieties-about-home-among-secondary-migrant-somali-families.html>

Working paper

Ögtem-Young, Ö & Allen, C 2019 'Counter-Extremism, PREVENT and the Extreme Right Wing: Lessons Learned and Future Challenges' University of Leicester, Leicester, pp. 1.

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