Exercise and health - Research

Investigating the mechanisms by which exercise aids health, and prevents and treats disease.


The theme represents research on physical activity that covers physiology, nutrition, sociology, pedagogy, psychology, behavioural medicine, physiotherapy, and motor control to generate fresh and inter-disciplinary responses to the major challenge of sustaining health and well-being.

The theme Exercise and Health covers a range of perspectives and approaches that produce scientific knowledge, interventions, applied/clinical practice, health policies, and narratives on physical activity as means to address the health of individuals and communities across the lifecourse.

Key aspects of this theme's research include:

  • Ageing and nutrition
  • Disability, injury and chronic illness
  • Evidence-based and theoretically driven behaviour change
  • Motivation and mental skills
  • Sedentary behaviour

Research areas and groups

  • Active Ageing - creating the environments and opportunities that enable people to be and do what they value throughout their later life.
  • Mobility for Sustainability - supporting employees with chronic musculoskeletal disorders towards sustainable employability
  • ARUK Midlands Research Network - a diverse research network of institutions dedicated to beating dementia
  • STIMEX-SCI - offering individuals with a spinal cord injury the opportunity to take part in a study on the impact of transcutaneous spinal cord stimulation on autonomic cardiovascular control and upper-body exercise performance.

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