Dr Alexandra Enocson

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Institute of Applied Health Research
Global Health Project manager

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Institute of Applied Health Research
University of Birmingham
Edgbaston, Birmingham
B15 2TT, UK

Alexandra Enocson is the Programme manager of several Global Health projects, set in Low-middle income countries.

Alex also managed Breathe Well, an NIHR-funded Global Health programme, in the Institute of Applied Health Research and the Birmingham Lung Improvement StudieS (BLISS) programme, which is a series of connected research studies about COPD, funded by an NIHR five-year programme grant. The overall aim of the programme is to evaluate new ways of better identifying and managing patients with COPD in the community. She has also managed several clinical trials in the UK and abroad.

She is a Respiratory Care Practitioner (RRT) with a Bachelor’s degree in Health Care Management, in addition to her research experience. She has worked in five different countries.


  • PhD Epidemiology
  • MPH Masters of Public Health
  • BA Bachelor’s Degree Management of Health Services
  • RCP Licensed Respiratory Care Practitioner (California)


Alexandra graduated from High School with Honours in San Diego, California. She attended her undergraduate studies at the University of California, San Diego, (Dean’s Honour List). Her respiratory degree was awarded at Grossmont CHS, in California and her BA in Management of Health Services at Ottawa University in Kansas City in 1993. After working in Respiratory Care for many years in the USA, Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi, she moved to Sweden with her family. She joined Gothenburg University in 2001 and began her research career in Lung Medicine, working with COPD and chronic rejection of heart and lung transplantation. In 2005, she moved with her family to the UK to complete her Master’s and PhD studies. She and her husband, Lars, have 7 children.


Global Health, Respiratory Epidemiology, Asthma, Haematology, Health Services

Other activities

  • Vice President, American Cancer Society, Nevada
  • Registered Respiratory Therapist (NBRC)
  • Respiratory Care Practitioner (7027 California)
  • Certificate for Adult and Paediatric Intubation, KFSH Pulmonary Function Technician Certificate
  • Arterial Blood Gas Tech, Nevada
  • NIOSH Respiratory Fit-Tester Certificate
  • American Cancer Society Facilitator, Smoking Cessation
  • American Lung Association, Open Airways Instructor
  • Member of the American Thoracic Society
  • Delegate of the American Heart Association


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Dr. Alexandra Enocson, Dr. Andy Dickens, Dr. Rachel Jordan, Prof. David Fitzmaurice Prof. Peymane Adab The Birmingham COPD Cohort Study: A Cross-sectional Comparison Of The Characteristics Of Ever-smokers And Never-smokers (ATS 2014)

Dr. Peymane Adab, Dr. Andrew Dickens, Dr. Ruth Backman, Ms. Kiran Kalirai, Dr. Alexandra Enocson, Prof. David Fitzmaurice, Prof. Jon Ayres, Prof. KK Cheng, Dr. RE Jordan and the BLISS Investigators The Birmingham COPD Cohort Study protocol: a primary care cohort of COPD patients

Dr. Rachel Jordan, Dr. Ruth Backman, Dr. Andrew Dickens, Prof. David Fitzmaurice, Dr. Alexandra Enocson, Dr. Peymane Adab and the BLISS Investigators. TARGETCOPD: a randomised controlled trial of targeted case-finding for COPD versus routine practice in Primary Care: Protocol

Dr. Peymane Adab, Dr. Rachel Jordan, Dr. Andy Dickens, Dr. Alexandra Enocson, Prof. Jon Ayres, Prof. David Fitzmaurice The Birmingham COPD Cohort Study: Aims and preliminary baseline characteristics (ERS 2013)

Dr A.P. Dickens, Dr P. Adab, Dr R. Jordan, Dr A. Enocson, Prof J.Ayres, Prof D. Fitzmaurice The Birmingham COPD Cohort Study – Associations between CAT, lung health and health care utilisation (ERS 2013)

Haroon S, Miller MR, Enocson A, Fitzmaurice DA, Jordan R, Adab P Over diagnosis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease by GOLD criteria includes older male subjects with lower CAT scores, more heart disease and hypertension (ATS 2014)

Enocson A, Edmondson-Jones M, Jenner D, Theaker, Pintus, Whittaker Predicting and verifying early health impacts of the economic downturn in Derbyshire. UK Public Health Observatory Conference April 2010

PhD Thesis: The impact of haematopoietic stem cell transplant on cardio-respiratory health, April 2010