Dr Amanda Farley BSc (Hons), PhD, FHEA

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Institute of Applied Health Research
Associate Professor in Public Health and Epidemiology
Director of Post Graduate Research (PGR) for the Institute of Applied Health Research

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University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Dr Amanda Farley is an Associate Professor in Public Health and Epidemiology working in the Institute of Applied Health Research. She has over 15 years’ experience of research within the field of public health and teaches epidemiology and research methods on the masters in public health (MPH), undergraduate medical sciences (BMedSc) and undergraduate medicine degree (MBChB) programmes.  Amanda is Director of Post Graduate Research (PGR) for the Institute of Applied Health Research overseeing PhD, MD and MSc studies within the institute.

Amanda’s research interests centre on the development/ testing of interventions to support people to change behaviours that harm health, and quantification of the effects of behaviour change.  In particular, she has significant expertise and track record in the field of tobacco addiction.   She is experienced in conducting systematic reviews, feasibility and full-scale trials and has been lead/co-applicant of funding awarded from the NIHR, MRC and CRUK for work within these fields.


Associate Professor in Public Health and Epidemiology:

  • Postgraduate certificate in academic practice (PCAP), 2015
  • PhD in Public Health, University of Birmingham, 2013
  • MPhil in Neurosciences, Brunel University, 2001
  • BSc in Neurosciences, University of Central Lancashire, 1999


Stopping smoking linked to improved mental health

In 2003, Amanda joined the University of Birmingham as a research associate, employed on a HEFCE funded project to evaluate the national expansion of medical schools.  This included a review of admissions processes to medical schools which was published by the BMJ.

In 2005, Amanda joined the behavioural medicine team within the Institute of Applied Health Research to work on a Phase III randomised controlled trial which tested the effectiveness of nortriptyline in combination with nicotine replacement therapy for smoking cessation.  Within this team, Amanda became a UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol studies funded Research Fellow and undertook a part time PhD which investigated the supportive care needs of surgical lung cancer patients and the prognostic significance of smoking.  Alongside her PhD, she led and co-applied for funding for projects on smoking cessation, smoking reduction and weight management. 

In 2012, Amanda took up an assistant professor post in public health and epidemiology and was promoted to associate professor in 2021.  She has led and is involved in teaching at both masters (MPH) and undergraduate (MBChB, BMedSc) level. Her research interests centre on supporting people to change behaviours that harm health and on quantifying the effects of behaviour change. She has over 50 publications and has been lead/co-applicant on grants totalling over £5.5M awarded from NIHR, MRC and CRUK for work in these fields.


Masters in Public Health (MPH) 

  • Lecturer - Epidemiology, Statistics and Research Methods, Practical Epidemiology and Statistics, Health Promotion module, Systematic Reviews and Evidence Synthesis modules
  • Dissertation supervisor

Medicine and Surgery (MBChB

  • Evidence Based Medicine and Research Methods tutor
  • Communication skills tutor
  • Health Information Evidence Review (HIER) project supervisor

Medical Science (BMedSc

  • Project supervisor

Postgraduate supervision

Amanda is interested in supervising PhD students in the fields of behavioural change, tobacco addiction, e-cigarettes, weight management.


Broadly speaking, Amanda’s current research falls into the following areas:

  • Development and testing of interventions to support people to change behaviour
  • Quantification of the effects of smoking/smoking cessation/e-cigarette use/behaviour change on physical and mental health


Selected publications (Amanda Farley nee Parsons):

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Aveyard P, Johnson C, Fillingham S, Parsons A, Murphy M. (2008) Nortriptyline plus nicotine replacement versus placebo plus nicotine replacement for smoking cessation: pragmatic randomised controlled trial BMJ 336:1223-1227.

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