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Wenjie Gong

Institute of Applied Health Research
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110 Xiangya Road

Wenjie Gong, BM, PhD, is Professor at the Department of Maternal and Child Health of Central South University and the founding Executive Deputy director of H.E.R (Health, Education & Research for Women) Center at the Hunan Provincial Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital. 

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-7943-4041

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  • PhD in Social Medicine, Central South University, 2015
  • MSc in Reproductive Health, Central South University,  2006
  • Bachelor in Clinical Medicine, Central South University, 2002


Wenjie Gong, BM, PhD, is Professor at the Department of Maternal and Child Health of Central South University and the founding Executive Deputy director of H.E.R (Health, Education & Research for Women) Center at the Hunan Provincial Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital. Dr Gong practiced medicine for several years as an obstetrician & gynaecologist before becoming a maternal health researcher. She had fellowship training at the Global Health Department of University of Washington, the Department of Psychiatry of University of Rochester and the Birmingham Clinical Trials Unit.  Dr Gong's primary research interests are on health system/service response and delivery for women’s health, particularly for the underserved and vulnerable population.


 Current projects

1. Assessing the quality of care in Direct-to-Consumer Telemedicine (DTCT) for common obstetric and gynecologic conditions in China using standardized patients (2021-2023) PI; Funding body: China Medical Board, US

2. Development and assessment of strategies to improve the uptake of referral among women at high risk of perinatal depression using a conceptual framework of complex interventions (2020-2023) PI; Funding body: Natural Science Foundation of China

3. An investigation of the relationship between women’s social media posts and perinatal mental health (2019-2021) PI; Funding body: Natural Science Foundation of Hunan Province

4. Exploration of the mechanism of perinatal depression (PND) on child health – a prospective cohort study (2018-2021) PI; Funding body: Natural Science Foundation of China


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