Dr Louise J Jackson

Dr Louise Jackson

Institute of Applied Health Research
Associate Professor

Contact details

Health Economics Unit
Institute of Applied Health Research
College of Medical and Dental Sciences
IOEM Building
Birmingham B15 2TT

Louise Jackson is an Associate Professor within the Institute of Applied Health Research at the University of Birmingham.

Louise is Co-Head of Education for the Institute of Applied Health Research which involves overseeing education provision across all postgraduate and undergraduate programmes for the Institute.

Louise has broad range of methodological experience and expertise. She is interested in applied research that improves health and care services, especially for young people and women. Louise has specific expertise in relation to: economic evaluation; outcome and cost measurement; preference elicitation; and qualitative evidence synthesis and reporting. She works closely with stakeholders and is interested in mixed methods research that aims to meet the needs of decision-makers, particularly in public health.


  • MSc Health Economics & Health Policy, University of Birmingham, 2014 (Distinction)
  • PhD in Geography, University of Birmingham, 1999
  • MSocSc Russian & East European Studies, University of Birmingham, 1994
  • BA Geography, Oxford University, 1992


Dr Louise Jackson joined the University of Birmingham in October 2012, having previously worked in health and social care for over 10 years. A key focus of Louise Jackson’s work is the evaluation of interventions and services in sexual health, maternal health and public health. She has been the principal investigator (PI) on a range projects and is currently PI on a funded project exploring the costs and benefits of online sexually transmitted infection screening.

Louise Jackson has been a co-applicant on a number of NIHR funded projects. For example, the G-TOG project examined the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of alternative treatments for gonorrhoea. She is currently involved in the MESARCH project which is evaluating Sexual Assault Referral Centres (SARCs) across England in terms of benefits and costs to service users and survivors of sexual assault and rape. Prior to this she was involved in research examining the effects of weight management interventions on maternal and fetal outcomes in pregnancy (the iWIP study).

The research of Dr Jackson has had international and national impact. She has presented her research at national and international conferences as well as publishing in leading academic journals.

Dr Jackson is currently the Deputy Programme Director for the two programmes which are delivered by the Health Economics Unit, MSc Health Economics and Health Policy and MSc Health Economics and Econometrics. Louise Jackson contributes to teaching for these programmes and more broadly across the Institute of Applied Health Research and College of Medical and Dental Sciences.


Postgraduate supervision

Louise is interested in supervising doctoral research students in the following areas:

  • Measurement and valuation of healthcare benefits/outcomes
  • Evaluation of interventions and services in sexual and reproductive health/public health
  • Evaluation of interventions and services aiming to improve women’s health.

Current PhD Students:

  • Nafsika Afentou
  • Temitope Ladi-Akinyemi
  • Lacina Traore

Former PhD Students:


Research themes:

  • Capturing the full range of costs and benefits of services and interventions
  • Economic evaluation in public health/sexual health and women’s health
  • Economics of digital health

Research activity:

Louise’s research is concerned with developing the methodology of economic evaluation to ensure that the benefits of healthcare interventions are more fully captured.

Louise is involved in leading economic evaluations in the areas of public health, sexual health and women’s reproductive health. She has been a co-applicant on a number of grant-funded projects in these areas. She has also carried out methodological research exploring the methods used to measure outcomes in relation to interventions in sexual health.  

Louise is currently the principal investigator (PI) on an NIHR funded project exploring the impacts of remote consultations in sexual and reproductive health in the UK - The CONNECT Study. The study involves a mixed methods analysis using three case study areas (Birmingham, London and South West Wales).

Other activities

Association member:

  • Health Economists’ Study Group (HESG)
  • International Health Economics Association (iHEA)

Editorial board member:

  • Sexually Transmitted Infections (BMJ Journals)


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