Professor Richard Lehman MA, BM BCh, MRCGP

Professor Richard Lehman

Institute of Applied Health Research
Honorary Professor of the Shared Understanding of Medicine

Contact details

Institute of Applied Health Research
Murray Learning Centre
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Richard was a full time NHS general practitioner for over 30 years and has previously held academic positions at Oxford and Yale. He is committed to an overarching view of medicine as a scientific and humane enterprise to be shared with patients and society. The term Shared Understanding of Medicine is a fusion of Evidence Based Medicine, Shared Decision Making and Patient-Centred Medicine.

Richard seeks to exemplify this approach in his 20 years of weekly blogs on the main medical journals (hosted on the BMJ website and selected in their print edition), in commentaries, editorials and previous work on heart failure and palliative care.  His aim is to help the University of Birmingham become a leading global centre for disseminating the attitudes, skills and tools which can enhance the practice of medicine in partnership with patients. 


  • MRCGP 1992
  • BM BCh 1975 Oxford University
  • BA (later MA) 1st class hons English Language & Literature, Oxford University


Richard was educated at King Edward VIII School in Sheffield and at Oxford University, where he broke off medical studies to take a degree in English. He has remained a committed generalist ever since. Building up a large GP training practice in Banbury and commenting every week on the medical journals, he became aware of the increasing mismatch between the concerns of the quantitative academic literature and the diverse needs of patients.

End-of-life care for patients with heart failure is an example which he explored with Miriam Johnson in the first book of its kind. His interest in combining the insights of the patient experience literature led him to join the Health Experiences Group at Oxford immediately after retiring from full-time practice, and then to spend a year at Yale working on the goals of patient-centred outcomes research and data-sharing.

He has subsequently been active in promoting shared decision making through various UK bodies and in promoting the work of the James Lind Alliance.

Postgraduate supervision

Available for supervision:

  • Shared decision making
  • End of life care for non-cancer conditions
  • Communication in primary and palliative care
  • Data sharing from clinical trials
  • Medical humanities


Other activities

  • Yale University Open Data Access Project (YODA): consultant member
  • Academy of Medical Royal Colleges Choosing Wisely UK initiative: steering group and Shared Decision Making committee member
  • The BMJ: weekly columnist
  • National Institute for Health and Care Excellence: Shared Decision Making steering group member
  • All Trials: steering group member
  • Cochrane UK: senior advisory fellow in primary care 2014-7 



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Selected publications

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