Dr Bisola Osifowora

Dr Bisola Osifowora

Institute of Applied Health Research
Research Fellow

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Health Economics Unit
Institute of Occupational & Environmental Medicine
Institute of Applied Health Research
University of Birmingham

Bisola is a research fellow currently working at the Centre of Economics of Obesity in the Health Economics Unit on an ESRC funded project looking to evaluate the cost-benefit analysis of food systems interventions that improves access to healthy, sustainable and equitable diet in the United Kingdom.


  • MSc in Health Economics and Health Policy, University of Birmingham, 2023
  • Bachelor of Dental Surgery, College of Medicine, University of Lagos, 2017
  • Member of the Medical and Dental Association of Nigeria


Dr Bisola Osifowora is a distinguished dentist and health economist whose passion for leveraging health economics methodologies to shape policy decisions in healthcare has propelled her into the forefront of global healthcare development. Her journey from dental surgery to health economics is marked by a commitment to making a significant impact on healthcare at a systemic level.

Dr Osifowora's academic journey took a pivotal turn when she completed her MSc in Health Economics and Health Policy at the prestigious University of Birmingham. This academic pursuit equipped her with the tools and knowledge to bridge the gap between healthcare practice and policy decisions. Driven by the desire to contribute to healthcare development on a broader scale, Bisola transitioned from direct patient care to focusing on the systemic and economic aspects of healthcare.

Prior to her academic pursuit, Bisola gained invaluable experience working at the Ministry of Health and the Health Management Agency in her home country. After earning her bachelor’s degree in dental surgery, she realized her desire to contribute to healthcare development on a broader scale than direct patient care would allow. This realization marked the beginning of her transformative journey into health economics.

Currently, Bisola serves as a Health Economist Research Fellow at the Institute of Applied Health Research, University of Birmingham. In this role, she is actively involved in cutting-edge research, utilizing health economics methodologies to inform policy decisions in healthcare. Her work extends beyond the borders of her home country, as she aspires to contribute to the development of health economics capacity in Africa and around the world.

Bisola's commitment to healthcare transformation is not only evident in her academic and professional endeavours but also in her dedication to continuous learning. By positioning herself at the forefront of health economics research, she aims to make a lasting impact on the global healthcare landscape, ensuring that policy decisions are informed, effective, and conducive to the overall well-being of communities.