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Laura Quinn

Institute of Applied Health Research
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Institute of Applied Health Research
Public Health building
University of Birmingham
Birmingham, B15 2TT

Laura Quinn is a Medical Statistician working in the Institute of Applied Health Research. She works part-time on a NIHR Doctoral Research Fellowship in the Test and Prediction Group and part-time as a Research Fellow in the NIHR Applied Research Collaboration (ARC) West Midlands.

Since joining the University in 2016, Laura has worked on a range of projects with collaborators both within the university and globally.

Laura’s main research interests include interobserver variability in diagnostic test evaluation and interrupted time series analysis.

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  • MSc in Statistics with Applications in Medicine, University of Southampton, 2016
  • BSc (Hons) in Mathematics with Statistics, University of Limerick, 2015


Laura began working in the Test Evaluation Research Group (TERG) in 2016 as a Research Associate and later became a Research Fellow.

She worked primarily as a study statistician on three NIHR funded, multicentre, diagnostic test evaluation studies in imaging. From working on these projects, she developed an application and was awarded a NIHR Doctoral Research Fellowship in 2020 to evaluate methods for estimating interobserver variability.

In 2020, Laura also began working at the NIHR Applied Research collaboration (ARC) West Midlands on a range of projects in different clinical areas using various statistical methods.

Laura teaches statistical concepts to non-statistical audiences through courses for undergraduate and postgraduate students in medicine and public health.



Laura works on a NIHR Doctoral Research Fellowship to evaluate the methods for estimating interobserver variability as part of diagnostic test performance in imaging. Her work on interobserver variability originates from working on three NIHR funded, multicentre, diagnostic test evaluation studies (METRIC, STREAMLINE-C and STREAMLINE-L). The fellowship project consists of a methodological review, multiple case and simulation studies.

Laura works on a range of projects in different clinical areas using various statistical methods at the NIHR ARC West Midlands. These projects include evaluating public health and health service interventions, as well as global health projects. The statistical methods used in these projects include interrupted time series analysis, cluster randomised control trials, systematic reviews and meta-analysis, mediation analysis and Bayesian methods.

Other activities

Laura is a member of the RSS West Midlands Local Group.


Recent publications


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Review article

Quinn, L, Tryposkiadis, K, Deeks, J, Vet, HCWD, Mallett, S, Mokkink, LB, Takwoingi, Y, Taylor-Phillips, S & Sitch, A 2023, 'Interobserver variability studies in diagnostic imaging: a methodological systematic review', The British Journal of Radiology, vol. 96, no. 1148, 20220972.

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