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Mr David Winter

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I.T. Manager

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Centre for Childhood Cancer Survivor Studies
Institute of Applied Health Research
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David is the I.T. Manager for the Centre for Childhood Cancer Survivor Studies (CCCSS). He started his career in Oxford in 1982 and moved to the University of Birmingham in 1998. He has been an author on over 20 peer-reviewed publications in the field of childhood cancer epidemiology.


  • HNC in Computing & Mathematics, Oxford Brookes University, 1991


Born and educated in Oxford, David joined the Childhood Cancer Research Group (CCRG) at the University of Oxford in February 1982, having previously trained at the Oxford University Computing Service.  At CCRG he provided Research/Computing Support on the Long-Term Follow-Up Study (LTF) until November 1998 when he moved to the Centre for Childhood Cancer Survivor Studies (CCCSS)


The Centre for Childhood Cancer Survivor Studies was established in 1998 to carry out the British Childhood Cancer Survivor Study (BCCSS). The BCCSS comprises 17,981 individuals who were diagnosed with cancer aged 0-14 years inclusive, between 1940 and 1991 in Britain, and who survived 5 years.

The Centre maintains excellent links with clinicians who are members of the Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group (CCLG), formerly the United Kingdom Children’s Cancer Study Group (UKCCSG) who treat and follow-up the majority of children diagnosed with cancer in the UK. There are also close collaborative research links with the Childhood Cancer Research Group, based at the University of Oxford, which maintains the population-based National Registry of Childhood Tumours.

The Centre is well known internationally through its publications and attendance at most important meetings concerned with survivors of childhood cancer. Collaborative international studies of the adverse consequences of irradiation in childhood have been undertaken including data relating to survivors of the atomic bombs in Japan. There is an established international collaborative programme of studies of the incidence and aetiology of second primary neoplasms after childhood cancer in Britain and France ongoing funded by the European Union. Good links exist with the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study which is ongoing in North America and co-ordinated from St Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis. In addition, there are international collaborative initiatives, in particular an international study of the rates and causes of second primary tumours after Wilms’ tumour is being developed and an international collaborative study of the joint influences of radiation and genotype on breast cancer risk is on-going and is funded by the European Union under the 6th Framework Programme.

The Centre has contributed substantially to an international collaborative pan-European study (‘PanCareSurFup’), involving most European countries, initiated in 2011 and funded by the EC for five years, which provides the largest ever investigation of the risks of causes of late deaths, subsequent primary cancers and cardiac conditions in survivors of childhood cancer. The Centre will co-ordinate and host the web-based data collection and subsequent analysis components of this study and David will be responsible for the design, implementation and management of the hardware and software systems required.


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