Callum Cowell

Callum Cowell

Dean, Birmingham International Academy

Contact details

Lucas House
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

I am delighted to have commenced work in the new role of Dean, BIA in March 2023.

I source, establish, and support diverse international education connections, positive relationships and productive student pathways from around the world. I do this to expand the range and scope of the impact we have as an institution of higher learning and research: creating opportunities for bright minds to connect and clever ideas to flourish. I work to build interest, trust and respect among both colleagues and clients so that they want to engage and want to contribute to a broad range of our international goals.

I love seeing people take a bigger and more diverse perspective after having connected on an international project. I enjoy seeing how much better we are by learning from other cultures, valuing diversity, and realising that deep down we all have the same fundamental needs and wishes.

Every day I am inspired by the many and varied personal journeys being taken by students. What drives me as a leader in International Education is seeing the tangible impact we can have on the learning and success of our students and researchers, both domestic and those coming from all around the world.

The cultural exchange and deep connections formed through reaching out and connecting with the world through our courses and our research activities enriches our understanding and strengthens our institution, community and our nation.


Having worked extensively in International Higher Education & Training over the past 25+ years my interests include:

  • Higher Education business strategy and leadership
  • International partnership and business development
  • International research cooperation and student mobility
  • English language and pathway program development & packaging
  • Institution branding, positioning and marketing

Diversification of the international student cohort in terms of country, discipline and recruitment channel is a key interest area.