Professor Jane Binner

Professor Jane Binner

The Department of Finance

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University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Jane Binner is currently Chair of Finance within the Department of Finance.

Her research centres on the application of advanced multivariate techniques to a range of data types, particularly the application of state-of-the-art techniques such as big data analytics and artificial intelligence methods. The work, which is multidisciplinary in nature involving both international and national collaborators, is concerned with commercial applications and more academic approaches. As such, it sits at the interface between economics, finance, industry and government.

She has published 56 journal papers with 10 are currently under review in top ranking journals in her field or are in the process of being written. She has also co-edited two books with MT Belongia and a book of seminal papers with the world’s leading monetary economist and Nobel Prize nominee (2001), Professor William Barnett. She also edited the ‘Corporate Health Check Report and Macroeconomic Commentary’ for Experian, a quarterly bulletin assessing UK business performance and economic prospects, from 1998 – 2004.


Jane Binner joined the Accounting and Finance Department at Birmingham Business School as Chair of Finance on 1 August 2013. Prior to this she worked as Head of the Accounting and Finance Division at Sheffield Management School and as Reader in Economics at Aston Business School for 7 years. Jane has a PhD, MSc, PGCE and BA Hons in Economics from the University of Leeds. She has worked with a number of stakeholder groups such as the Home Office, Experian, the Boots Group plc and Wright Patterson Airforce Base.

She brings expertise in analyzing the strategic investment decisions of large enterprises through econometric modelling. Jane has conducted research in econometrics for over twenty years and has extensive academic and commercial experience. Binner has attracted over £1,000,000 in external research funding, including awards from the EPSRC/ESRC, the Leverhulme Trust, the National Science Foundation, the Jan Wallander Foundation as well as industrial funding from Boots and Experian. Binner has achieved international recognition for her work on the econometric performance of monetary aggregates and is world leading in her field of financial innovation in the construction of money.

Jane has recently been recently been appointed as the impact lead in the Department of Finance at Birmingham Business School, as a visiting professor at the College of Business and Economics Research Centre at the University of Wisconsin, USA and as an INDI Fellow at the Institute for Nonlinear Dynamical Inference. She has four books and over seventy publications in the area of Computational Finance and Economics.


Research Interests

  • Financial Resilience
  • Financial Services Indices
  • Financial Innovation
  • Big Data

Other activities

Fellow of the Institute for Nonlinear Dynamical Inference (INDI) 

Served as Impact Lead for the Department of Finance in Birmingham Business School and as the Director of the Financial Resilience Cluster which spans multidisciplinary research interests in Finance across the University of Birmingham.


Selected recent publications

Journal articles

Bissoondeeal, R.K, Binner J.M. and Milas C., (2023) Brexit and coronavirus: financial perspectives and future prospects, European Journal of Finance, 29 (16), 1835-1848.

Binner J.M, Chaudhry, S.M,. Tong M., AND Swofford, J.L. (2023) UK or the Eurozone: Which common currency area can work for Northern Ireland after Brexit?, European Journal of Finance, 29 (16), 1835-1848

Bissoondeeal, R.K, Binner J.M. and Karaglou M. (2023) The Impact of Uncertainty on Money Demand in the UK, US and Euro area. European Journal of Finance, 29 (16), 1866-1884

Molinas L.A., Binner J.M. and Tong M. (2023) Do Divisia monetary aggregates help forecast exchange rates in a negative interest rate environment? European Journal of Finance, 29 (7), 780-799

Pekar V., Najafi, H., Binner J.M., Swanson, R.,Rickard, C. and Fry J. (2022) Voting intentions on social media and political opinion polls, 2022, Government Information Quarterly, 39, (4), [101658].

De Oliverira A.M.B., Binner J.M., Mandal A., Kelly L.J. and Power G.J. (2021) Using GAM functions and Markov-Switching models in an evaluation framework to assess countries’ performance in controlling the COVID-19 pandemic, BMC Public Health 21, 2173.

Contributions to books

Binner, JM, Ferrario MA, Frankova K, Garton L, Lawlor-wright T, Osmond J, Rainey M, Simm W, Whittle J, Woodcock A. Digital Innovation with BINNER, Jane Margot. Voice Your View: Contributions to Knowledge and Lessons Learned, in Design in the Digital World. Morgan & Claypool Publishers, Forthcoming.

Technical reports

Preston, J, Branicki, L, Binner JM, Real time social media analysis in emergency management: Written Evidence to Parliament. Published by the House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee, November 2014.