Anthony Heyes

Anthony Heyes

The Department of Economics
Professor of Environmental Economics

Contact details

Birmingham Business School
Department of Economics
University House
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Anthony is an environmental economist with wide-ranging interests in the design and implementation of environmental policies and regulations, the impacts of climate and pollution on human well-being, and corporate social responsibility.


  • BA in Economics, University of Cambridge, 1988
  • PhD in Economics, McGill University, 1993


  • Contemporary Challenges B
  • Decision and Game Theory
  • Environmental Economics

Postgraduate supervision

Anthony Heyes is an enthusiastic and “hands on” supervisor. I work closely with students, often co-authoring at least one research paper for external publication, and have supervised more than 10 PhD students through to completion. I am happy to be named as prospective supervisor if you are interested in working on theoretical or empirical topics in any of the areas listed below - looking under the “Publications” tab on this profile page will give you a good idea of the sort of projects I like to be involved in.

I am particularly keen to hear from well-qualified and motivated to students with strong econometric or data science interests and skills, and would encourage you to make informal contact with me in advance of application so that we can discuss your plans and interests at an early stage. 

  • Environmental Economics
  • Economics of the Nature and the Natural Environment
  • Environmental and Development
  • Environment and Health
  • Environmental Policy
  • Climate Economics
  • Urban Economics
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Public Economics
  • Regulatory Economics
  • Economics of Sustainability
  • The Economics of Public Policy


Research interests

  • Environmental Economics
  • Environmental Policy
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Research Methods


Recent publications


Brodeur, A, Cook, N, Hartley, J & Heyes, A 2024, 'Do Pre-Registration and Pre-Analysis Plans Reduce p-Hacking and Publication Bias? Evidence from 15,992 Test Statistics and Suggestions for Improvement', Journal of Political Economy: Microeconomics.

Heyes, A & Saberian, S 2024, 'Pollution and learning: Causal evidence from Obama’s Iran sanctions', Journal of Environmental Economics and Management.

Heyes, A, Cook, N & Rivers, N 2023, 'Clean Air and Cognitive Productivity: Effect and Adaptation', Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists.

Chen, J, Fonseca, M, Heyes, A, Yang, J & Zhang, X 2023, 'How Much will Climate Change Reduce Productivity in a High-Technology Supply Chain? Evidence from Silicon Wafer Manufacturing', Environmental & Resource Economics.

Fisar, M, Greiner, B, Huber, C, Katok, E, Ozkes, A & The Management Science Reproducibility Collaboration 2023, 'Reproducibility in Management Science', Management Science.

Heyes, A & Kapur, S 2023, 'The precautionary principle when project implementation capacity is congestible', Theory and Decision.

Wang, K & Heyes, A 2022, 'Does the party in power affect FDI? First causal evidence from narrow margin US state elections', Party Politics, vol. 28, no. 5, pp. 797-810.

Heyes, A & Saberian, S 2022, 'Hot days, the ability to work and climate resilience: evidence from a representative sample of 42,152 Indian households', Journal of Development Economics, vol. 155, 102786.

Cook, N & Heyes, A 2022, 'Pollution pictures: psychological exposure to pollution impacts worker productivity in a large-scale field experiment', Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, vol. 114, 102691.


Heyes, A & Saberian, S 2022, 'Correction to “Temperature and decisions: evidence from 207,000 court cases” and reply to Spamann', American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, vol. 14, no. 4, pp. 529-533.

Brodeur, A, Cook, N & Heyes, A 2022, 'Methods matter: p-hacking and publication bias in causal analysis in economics: reply', American Economic Review, vol. 112, no. 9, pp. 3137-3139.

Discussion paper

Brodeur, A, Cook, N, Hartley, J & Heyes, A 2024 'Do Pre-registration and Pre-analysis Plans Reduce p-Hacking and Publication Bias? Evidence from 15,992 Test Statistics and Suggestions for Improvement' I4R Discussion Paper, no. 101, Institute for Replication (I4R). <>

Brodeur, A, Mikola, D, Cook, N & Heyes, A 2024 'Mass Reproducibility and Replicability: A New Hope' IZA discussion papers, no. 16912, IZA – Institute of Labor Economics, pp. 1-244. <>


Heyes, A & Zhu, M 2022 'Air pollution and morbidity: evidence from internet search behavior in a panel of 100 Chinese cities' SSRN.

Brodeur, A, Cook, N, Hartley, J & Heyes, A 2022 'Do pre-registration and pre-analysis plans reduce P-hacking and publication bias?' SSRN.

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