Anett John

Anett John

The Department of Economics
Assistant Professor in Economics

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Department of Economics
Birmingham Business School
University House
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

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  • PhD in Economics, London School of Economics
  • Mres in Economics, London School of Economics
  • MSc in Economics, University of Warwick


Prior to joining the department, Anett was an Assistant Professor at CREST and ENSAE Paris. Her research applies behavioural models to topics in development economics, such as microfinance, human capital, and health. She is particularly interested in behavioural barriers to economic investment decisions. A strong past focus has been the impact of time preferences and self-control on individuals' lives. More recently, she is studying the importance of individuals' beliefs about themselves (captured in psychological concepts like agency and self-efficacy) for economic decisionmaking. Applications extend beyond developing countries to disadvantaged populations in high-income countries, such as unemployed youths in France. Her methodology of choice are randomized field experiments that are firmly grounded in economic theory.


Research interests: Development Economics, Behavioural Economics, Experimental Economics


Recent publications


John, A & Orkin, K 2022, 'Can simple psychological interventions increase preventive health investment?', Journal of the European Economic Association, vol. 20, no. 3, pp. 1001-1047.

John, A 2020, 'When commitment fails: evidence from a field experiment', Management Science, vol. 66, no. 2, pp. 503-529.

John, A 2017, 'Can fixed regular deposits overcome savings constraints?', Revue Economique, vol. 68, no. 5, pp. 909-924.

Working paper

Czura, K, John, A & Spantig, L 2023 'Flexible contract, flexible morale? Microcredit design and repayment discipline' CESifo Working Papers , no. 8322 , CESifo GmbH . <>

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