Rebecca McDonald

Rebecca McDonald

The Department of Economics
Associate Professor in Economics

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Department of Economics
University of Birmingham
University House
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Rebecca is an Associate Professor in Economics. She conducts research in behavioural economics using experimental methods. She studies how individuals value outcomes that do not have a clear market price, including health, online privacy, and the risk of fatality. In doing so, she explores how risk and delay affect the value of outcomes, and examines the stability of preferences within and across contexts.


PhD in Economics, Newcastle University 2013

MSc in Behavioural Economics, University of Nottingham 2010

BA in Economics, Newcastle University 2009


Stage 2 Microeconomics


Recent publications


Arroyos Calvera, D, Covey, J & McDonald, R 2023, 'Are distributional preferences for safety stable? A longitudinal analysis before and after the COVID-19 outbreak', Social Science and Medicine, vol. 324, 115855.

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McDonald, R & Powdthavee, N 2022, 'The shadow prices of voluntary caregiving: using well-being panel data to estimate the cost of informal care', Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis.

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Mullett, T, McDonald, R & Brown, G 2020, 'Cooperation in public goods games predicts behaviour in incentive-matched binary dilemmas: evidence for stable pro-sociality', Economic Inquiry, vol. 58, no. 1, pp. 67-85.

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McDonald, R 2017, Intertemporal Choice: foundations, non-monetary applications and future directions. in A Lewis (ed.), The Cambridge Handbook of Psychology and Economic Behavior. 2nd edn.

Conference contribution

Burgess, L, Skatova, A, Ma, S, McDonald, R & Maple, C 2019, The value of personal data in IoT: industry perspectives on consumer conceptions of value. in Living in the Internet of Things (IoT 2019). Institution of Engineering and Technology, Living in the Internet of Things, London, United Kingdom, 1/05/19.

Working paper

Arroyos Calvera, D, Lohse, J & McDonald, R 2023 'Beyond Social Influence: Examining the Efficacy of Non-Social Recommendations' SSRN. <>

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