Dr Gu Pang

Dr Gu Pang

Department of Management
Associate Professor in Procurement and Operations Management

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Birmingham Business School
University House
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Gu is the Head of the Procurement and Operations Management Group. She joined Birmingham Business School in January 2018.

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  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • PhD, Nottingham University Business School
  • MSc, Operations Management, Nottingham University Business School         
  • BSc, Management Science, Lancaster University Management School


The role as an educator enables Gu to promote a student-centred learning environment promoting self-sufficient learners. Gu believes the experience of teaching and the journey of learning enrich educators and learners to explore countless opportunities.

As a researcher, Gu has established a close working relationship with colleagues in operations, marketing, systems and economics. This has enabled her to conduct multi-disciplinary research and to explore new research areas, including big data analysis, digital transformation, and blockchain technology.


  • Exec MBA (UK) Operations Management
  • BSc Business Management Managing Operations and Projects (Year 2)

Postgraduate supervision

Gu is the lead supervisor of

  1. Yeun Soo Park (PhD candidate, Oct 2020- ) Auction dynamics and market features influencing price differentials for remanufactured electronics: eBay case studies using data mining and machine learning approaches
  2. Keru Duan (PhD candidate, Oct 2022- ) The application of Blockchain technology in EV battery closed loop supply chains
  3. Yun Yang (PhD candidate, Oct 2023- ) Solving circle bin packing problems
  4. Zhe Song (PhD candidate, Oct 2023- ) Revenue management for too good to go food waste
  5. Yifei Tong (PhD candidate, Oct 2023- ) Agri food firms profitability
  6. Bai He (PhD candidate, Oct 2023- ) Impact of supply chain governance and digital technology adoption on supply chain resilience and supply chain finance

Gu welcomes PhD applicants who are interested in: blockchain technology, digital transformation, remanufacturing, reverse logistics, closed-loop supply chains, sustainable supply chains, international logistics, sustainability of food value chains and food waste distribution, transportation, optimisation, modelling, time series econometrics, machine learning.

For informal discussion, please forward your email to g.pang.1@bham.ac.uk

PhD Completion

Dr Supanan Phantratanamongkol (July 2020). Thesis: Price dynamics, profit potential, and cannibalisation effect of remanufactured smartphones: empirical study using eBay data.


Blockchain technology, remanufacturing, reverse logistics, closed-loop supply chains, sustainable supply chains, sustainability of food value chains, food waste management, transportation network design, optimisation, modelling, time series econometrics, machine learning.

Research Projects

  • EU Horizon 2020 Project VALUMICS on understanding food value chains and network dynamics Proposal No. 727243-2 VALUMICS, 48 months duration, €318,555, completed in May 2020.
  • ESRC Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Byker Community Trust on sustainable and strategic marketing strategy, brand development and management of change, 24 months duration, £130,000, completed in July 2020.


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Duan, K.R., Pang, G., Lin, Y., (2024), Exploring the current status and future opportunities of blockchain technology adoption and application in supply chain management, Journal of Digital Economy, in press https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jdec.2024.01.005

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