Dr Roland Arnold

Dr Roland Arnold

Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences
Research Fellow

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Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Dr Roland Arnold is a group leader in the Institute for Cancer and Genomic Sciences and joined the Institute in 2017 to build up a research group dedicated to bioinformatics for cancer and diseases.

He is interested in developing and applying methods that help us to bridge the gap between genomic alterations, especially in cancer, and cellular phenotypes by novel data analysis methods and by data-integration. While having experience in a wide range of methods and different high-throughput data types, his special interest is in methods that allow us to look at gene expression data in sophisticated ways and to deduce biologically relevant information that otherwise would have been overlooked.


  •  PhD in Bioinformatics, Technical University Munich (Dr. rer. nat), 2010
  • Diplom Bioinformatics, joint curriculum Technical University and Ludwig-Maximillians University, Munich, 2005


Roland started his scientific career as a student assistant in Munich working on biological database systems. In Munich, he finished his PhD under the supervision of Professor Dr  Mewes and Dr Thomas Rattei where he analysed bacterial virulence, especially on the Type III secretion apparatus which is used by certain bacteria to transport proteins into host cells.

His post-doctoral training was at the Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research in Toronto with Professor Philip Kim. During this time, he worked on diverse projects including analyses of genetic and physical interaction screens in bacteria and cancer, and on the design and analysis of specialised phage-display experiments designed to detect certain protein interactions, especially in signalling pathways.

This worked inspired him to switch his focus completely to cancer and he took on a second post-doc with Professor Adam Shlien at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, focussing on the analysis of next-generation sequencing data, especially RNA, in childhood and other cancers. He then took on a position as senior bioinformatician at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics in Oxford, working with Professor Ian Tomlinson on colorectal cancer. He joined the Institute of Cancer and Genomic Science in September 2017 as an independent group leader.


  • MSc in Genomics Omics module (lecture on RNA-sequencing)
  • Teaching history:

              - co-supervision of bachelor and master students (University of Toronto)

              - supervision of student projects and internships (Munich, Toronto, and Oxford)

              - teaching assistant “programming for biologists” (Toronto)

Interested in an internship, Bachelor, Master, or PhD in cancer related bioinformatics and expression analysis? Please contact r.arnold.2@bham.ac.uk

Postgraduate supervision

Interested in doing a PhD in cancer related bioinformatics and expression analysis? Please contact r.arnold.2@bham.ac.uk


Roland’s current main research interest is mainly on cancer related topics and covers following topics:

  • Novel transcriptional events and unusual iso-form usage. Application to cancer stratification and for biological insights.
  • Advanced understanding of gene expression experiments by data-integration and signal deconvolution.
  • Reconstruction of cancer specific interaction networks from expression data.
  • Development of cancer with special focus on colorectal cancer and the adenoma, carcinoma, metastasis sequence. Identification of factors that drive progression.
  • Cancer and pre-cursor classification based on transcriptional events and signatures.
  • Tailor-made methods and analysis for CRISPR and shRNA based activation or essentiality screens.

Research Groups and Centres:


Other activities

Reviewer for several scientific journals.


(* indicates joint first authors)

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