Mr Prashant Patel MBBS, MS, FRCSEd, FRCSEd (Urol), PhD, FEBU

Mr Prashant Patel

Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences
Senior Lecturer In Urology
Honorary Consultant Urological Surgeon (University Hospitals Birmingham)
Clinical Service Lead (Urology)

Contact details

College of Medical and Dental Sciences
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Prashant Patel qualified in 1993 from India and then trained to qualify as a General Surgeon with special interest in pelvic surgery. He was awarded a PhD from the University of Birmingham whilst training as a Urologist. His research explored gene and immunotherapy for prostate cancer. He travelled to Perth, Australia to complete a fellowship in urological cancer surgery where he had exposure to laparoscopic  and robotic surgery.

Upon Mike Wallace's retirement, he took up the appointment as a Senior Lecturer in Urology at the University of Birmingham and Consultant Urological Surgeon at QE Hospital (UHB), Birmingham (2010) to pursue a joint career in academic and clinical urology. His academic interests are to explore molecular markers in bladder cancer, immunotherapeutic approaches in all urological cancers and informatics. His clinical interests are in pelvic cancers (bladder and prostate) and retro-peritoneal node surgery for metastatic testicular cancer, developing a program in Robotic surgery at UHB and conduct clinical trials in urological cancers.

Prashant is also the theme lead in Clinical Research and Epidemiology for the Bladder Cancer Research Centre in the Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences.


  • FRCSEd (Urol) Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in Urology, 2009
  • PhD in Gene and Immunotherapy, University of Birmingham, 2008
  • FRCSEd, Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in Surgery, 2001
  • MS (General Surgery), University of Karnataka, 1998
  • MBBS, University of Poona, 1993


  • Surgical Oncology (Module Lead and Tutor)
  • Cancer Therapy and Management (Module Tutor)
  • Translational Research (Module Tutor)
  • FRCS (Urol) Revision Course (BAUS) Faculty

Postgraduate supervision

Prashant has supervised the following students:


  • 2020-2022 - Umair Kamran - POUGIC – Quality Indicators of Upper GI Endoscopy (Funding: Joint with Dr Nigel Trudgill and SWBHT)
  • 2017 - 2020 - Omar Abdullah - VTE in Bladder Cancer (Funding: Joint with Professor Annie Young and Warwick University)
  • 2018 - 2020 - Dominic King - Outcomes of PTC and EUS biopsy for Pancreatic malignancies (Funding: Joint with Dr Nigel Trudgill and SWBHT)
  • 2018 - 2019 - Amandeep Dosanjh - Validation of Algorithms to predict an event using HES data in Urological cancers (Funding: Joint with Professor Nick James)
  • 2016 - 2018 - Phillip Harvey - Achalasia Cardia outcomes (Funding: Joint with Dr Nigel Trudgill and SWBHT)
  • 2015 - 2017 - Julien Al Shakarchi - Natural History of Vascular Access and pre-operative predictors of outcome (Funding: Joint with Mr Nick Inston and UHBFT)
  • 2014 - 2016 - James Rees - Changing outcomes for emergency Inflammatory Bowel Disease admissions in England (Funding: Joint with Dr Nigel Trudgill and SWBHT)
  • 2014 - 2015 - David Muthuveloe - Urological Cancer Outcomes on HES (Funding: UHBFT)
  • 2013 - 2015 - Vinney During - Immune responses in Bladder Cancer (Funding: Joint with Dr Graham Taylor and UHBFT)
  • 2012 - 2014 - Danny Cheung - Missed cancers in Endoscopy (Funding: Joint with Dr Nigel Trudgill and SWBHT)
  • 2011 - 2013 - Jane Anderson -  Role of Autotaxins in Urological cancers (Funding: Joint with Professor Paul Murray and UHBFT)

ChM (Urology)

  • 2016 -2017 - Ishtiakul Rizvi - Accuracy of Choline-PET CT to detect prostate cancer metastasis at low levels of PSA (Funding: Self)
  • 2016 -2017 - Sachin Yallapa - Role of Renal Nephrometry score in predicting renal dysfunction (Funding: Self – Gold Medal for the project


  • 2014 - 2016 - Yakhub Khan - Assessment of late radiotherapy toxicity in patients treated radically for prostate cancer: a comparison between different image verification techniques (Funding: Self)


  • 2014 - 2015 - Robert Telford - Correlation of template biopsy with MRI and prostatectomy (Funding: Self)


Currently, Investigator on the following grants:

  • Targeted-Amplicon sequencing of Urinary DNA for the detection of bladder cancer: AmpseqUr
  • NIHR-HTA: BladderPath: Image Directed Redesign of Bladder Cancer Treatment Pathways
  • NIHR-RfPB:Partnership in prostate cancer care: the feasibility of an integrated system to improve patient outcomes and experience
  • MSD: IBD study
  • RDF UHB: Urinary biomarkers for Bladder Cancer surveillance
  • CDF UoB: The molecular and cellular immunology of bladder cancer and disease responses to BCG therapy.
  • MRC: A Phase I Clinical Trial of a replication defective type 5 adenovirus vector expressing nitroreductase and GMCSF (AdNRGM) Gene therapy in Prostate Cancer

Principal Investigator on the following Open Clinical Trials:

  • WOCBP – ImVIGOR trial, A Phase III, Open-Label, Multicenter, Randomized Study Of Atezolizumab (Anti−Pd-L1 Antibody) Versus Observation As Adjuvant Therapy In Patients With Pd-L1−Selected, High-Risk Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer After Cystectomy
  • AdUP - A Phase I Clinical Trial of a replication defective type 5 adenovirus vector expressing nitroreductase and GMCSF (AdNRGM) given via trans-perineal, template guided, intra-prostatic injection, followed by intravenous CB1954, in patients with locally relapsed hormone refractory Prostate Cancer.
  • Bladder-Path Trial

Co-Investigator on the following Clinical Trials:

  • POUT – Co-Investigator
  • Phase I/II feasibility study of cetuximab with 5FU and mitomycin C or cisplatin with concurrent radiotherapy in muscle invasive bladder cancer (TUXEDO)

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Other activities

  • EAU Chair and Abstract reviewer: Bladder Cancer, Perioperative Chemotherapy & Advanced Disease: Mar. 2017 (Lon), Mar 2018 (Copenhagen), Mar 2019 (Barcelona), Mar 2020 (Virtual), July 21 (Virtual)
  • Frontiers. Guest Associate Editor in Genitourinary Oncology: 2018
  • French National Cancer Institute: Scientific Evaluation Committee, Translational Cancer Research: 2019, 2020
  • National Committee of Selectors: Urology Interview Panel Member (2011 - Present)
  • BAUS: FRCS Urol Course examiner
  • Cancer Informatics – Clinical Lead (UoB + UHB) 2012 - Present
  • Bladder Cancer – Clinical Lead (UHB)
  • ARCP – Academic representative (West Midlands Deanery)
  • West Midlands Collaborative Audit (Jan 2009 – Present) – Lead
  • 9th  Uro-Oncology Symposium: Course Organiser and Session Chair
  • UHB Radiology Systems Procurement Committee for PACS, RIS and LTA
  • National Consensus Panellist for ‘Beyond TME’ in advanced rectal cancer
  • Urological Cancer Lead: ‘myhealth@UHB’ Clinical Portal
  • BAUS: Joint Audit lead for RPLND surgery


Recent publications


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Mintz, HP, Dosanjh, ARS, Parsons, H, Sydes, M, Bryan, RT, James, ND & Patel, P 2023, 'Making administrative healthcare systems clinical data the future of clinical trials: lessons from BladderPath', BMJ Oncology, vol. 2, no. 1, e000038.

Review article

Nanton, V, Bryan, R, Pope, A, Hughes, A, Jefferson, K, Catto, J, Knight, A, Gallagher, J, Mintz, H, Pirrie, S, Liu, W, Young, A, Patel, P & James, N 2023, 'Boosting and broadening recruitment to UK cancer trials: towards a blueprint for action', BMJ Oncology, vol. 2, no. 1, e000092.

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