Dr Holly Adcock MSci, PhD

Dr Holly Adcock

School of Chemistry
Research Fellow

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Schiool of Chemistry
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Dr Holly Adcock is a Research Fellow in the School of Chemistry with a strong background in synthetic organic and medicinal chemistry. Her research is based around utilisation and development of a wide range of synthetic chemistry to enable and accelerate multidisciplinary drug discovery programs across campus as well as the development and maintenance of the Haworth Chemically-Enabled Compound Collection.


  • PhD in Organic Chemistry, University of Birmingham, 2015
  • MSci in Chemistry, 2010


Following completion of her PhD in synthetic organic chemistry, Holly moved to Sygnature Discovery in Nottingham where she worked on a diverse range of chemistry and medicinal chemistry projects. She subsequently moved back to Birmingham to take up a post doctorial position with Dr Liam Cox.


Development of synthetic methodology for the generation of novel targets of interest in collaboration with a wide range of academic partners at Birmingham.


  1. P. W. Davies, O. Obumsela, L. Hamouche, H. V. Adcock, Copper catalysed cascade sequence for the formation of elaborated N-sulfonyl isoquinolinones from o-acetal aryl alkynylbromides and N-allyl sulfonamides. Manuscript in Preparation.
  2. S. M. Wales, H. V. Adcock, W. Lewis, D. Hamza, C. J. Moody (2018) Nitrogen‐Bridged, Natural Product Like Octahydrobenzofurans and Octahydroindoles: Scope and Mechanism of Bridge‐Forming Reductive Amination via Caged Heteroadamantanes. Eur. J. Org Chem. 4696 – 4704.
  3. S. M. Wales, E. G. Merisor, H. V. Adcock, C. A Pearce, I. R. Strutt, W. Lewis, D. Hamza, C. J. Moody (2018) Diastereoselective Synthesis of Highly Substituted, Amino‐ and Pyrrolidino‐Tetrahydrofurans as Lead‐Like Molecular Scaffolds. Chem. Eur. J. 24, 8233-8239.
  4. H. V. Adcock, E. Chatzopoulou, P. W. Davies (2015) Divergent C-H Insertion–Cyclization Cascades of N‐Allyl Ynamides. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 54, 15525–15529.
  5. H. V. Adcock, T. Langer, P. W. Davies (2014) 1,2-N-Migration in a Gold-Catalysed Synthesis of Functionalised Indenes by the 1,1-Carboalkoxylation of Ynamides. Chem. Eur. J. 7262-7266.
  6. H. V. Adcock, P. W. Davies (2012) π -Acid Mediated Insertion of Alkynes into Carbon–Heteroatom σ-Bonds (Review). Synthesis, 44, 3401 – 3420.

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