Dr Stergios-Aristoteles Mitoulis DiplEng, PhD, MSc, M.ASCE, M.IABSE, M.EAEE, FHEA, CEng MICE

Dr Stergios-Aristoteles Mitoulis

Senior Fellow (Associate Professor research path)
Head of FutureStructures -the Structures Research Group of the University of Birmingham

Contact details

Y8 School of Engineering
Room 316
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Stergios is the leader of the infrastructuResilience, Meta Infrastructure and Bridge Ukraine. Stergios has a sustained record of grant-winning with more than £5 million of funding which he received by the UKRI and Horizon Europe.

He led and won recently the € 1.65 million MSCA-SE-2021 ReCharged project, leads part of the € 5 million HORIZON-CL5-2023-D4-01-01 ZEBAI project and leads the pilots of the a € 2.5 million HORIZON-MISS-2021-CLIMA-02 the RISKADAPT project, all commenced in 2023. He recruited three high profile professors from Ukrainian universities, who are currently working with him and are fully funded by the British Academy/CARA funding scheme.

Stergios’ expertise is in climate resilience, sustainability, and digitalisation of critical infrastructure with focus on transport and energy infrastructure.

During his academic career he has supervised more than 20 doctoral and postdoctoral researchers. He has published extensively with a publication record exceeding 200 papers in leading scientific journals, reports, conferences and book chapters. He is known for his expertise in bridges.

He is a member of the BSI B/525/10 CEN/TC250/HG-Bridges, the BSI Mirror Group of Eurocodes, and UK delegate of the BSI (CEN/TC250/SC8 Work Group 6, Bridges) for the design and retrofit of bridges, the BSI committee B/525/8 and B/538/5, the Workgroup 11 of the EAEE and the IABSE TG1.8. He is serving as Editor in Chief and also has editorial and reviewing responsibilities for more than 50 reputed journals. He has served as an evaluator for EPSRC, UKRI and HORIZON/EU. He delivers seminars at consultancies and CPD as an official lecturer of the Institution of Civil Engineers in the UK. He has an extensive presence in the news of leading news agencies, including the BBC.


  • 2015. Graduate Certificate of Learning and Teaching (GCLT) Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • 2008. PhD in Structural/Bridge Engineering Bridge behaviour under dynamic loads
  • 2003. MSc Sustainable design of infrastructure to natural hazards (12-month course)
  • 2002. Diploma in Civil Engineering (5-year course) (64 modules. equiv. to MEng)


Associate Professor with focus on research (permanent appointment) on infrastructure safety, resilience, sustainability and digitalisation to deliver integrated solutions to climate hazards and multiple stressors.

5-year Diploma from Aristotle University.

MSc in Sustainable design of infrastructure to natural hazards and a PhD in 2008.

He is CEng MICE, a member of the ASCE, EAEE, IABSE and FHEA-UK. He is contributing significantly to the development of the next generation of Eurocodes as delegate of the BSI Mirror Group of Eurocode and UK delegate of the BSI for the design and retrofitting of bridges and the BSI Horizontal Group-Bridges. He has published more than 200 journal, report, conference papers and book chapters. Stergios has worked as PI, Co-I and researcher for more than 25 research projects. He recently led and won he € 1.65 million MSCA-SE-2021 ReCharged project, leads part of the €5 million HORIZON-CL5-2023-D4-01-01 ZEBAI project and leads the pilots of the €2.5 million HORIZON-MISS-2021-CLIMA-02 the RISKADAPT project, all commenced in 2023. He recruited three high profile professors from Ukrainian universities, who are currently working with him and are fully funded by the British Academy/CARA funding scheme. He also lead research and worked for a H2020 SERA-TA research project on the dynamic identification and monitoring of scoured bridges, a H2020-MSCA-IF-2018 Briface project on novel assessment of bridge retrofitting measures and a H2020-MSCA-IF-2019 Rebounce project on the resilience assessment framework for bridges and transport networks. He manages highly skilled researchers, who work on multi-hazard resilience assessment of transport assets see H2020-MSCA-IF-2017 TRANSRISK project. He recently had 8 successful MSCA grants. Stergios's current research is supported by world-leading research centres and industries. Stergios has led research on accelerated bridge construction (ABC) and integral bridges, and use of recycled materials. Stergios is an active consultant, delivers CPD and is a lecturer of the ICE. He is the leading consultant for the second longest bridge in Greece the 1371m-long Polyfytos bridge.


His focus is on the safety of critical infrastructure and has delivered frameworks and metrics for quantifying resilience and sustainability in critical infrastructure ecosystems empowered by digital technologies.


Mitoulis SA, Argyroudis SA (2023). Flagship Report on Disaster and Climate Resilient Infrastructure: ‘Financing for Disaster and Climate Resilient Infrastructure for a net-zero economic transition’ for the Group of Twenty (G20), Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI) (will be made available in the next G20 on 9–10 September 2023).

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