Dr Farhat Latif Khanim PhD

Dr Farhat Latif Khanim

School of Biomedical Sciences
Director of Research

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University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Farhat Khanim is a translational cancer biologist using drug repurposing to identify novel, low toxicity and affordable therapies for rare diseases and diseases of unmet need. Her major research areas are haematological cancers of the elderly, urological cancers and paediatric cancer in low-middle income countries (LMICs) in Africa. Farhat’s research encompasses the full spectrum of translational research from in vitro drug screening, preclinical mechanism of action studies using a range of molecular, cellular and biochemical approaches, through to clinical trials in the UK and Africa. Farhat is also Director for Research for the School of Biomedical Sciences. As a full-time academic, Farhat teaches and supervises undergraduate and postgraduate students including clinical and non-clinical Masters and PhD students.

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  • PhD in Cancer Sciences 1997
  • BSc Hons Biological Sciences 1992


Farhat is involved in teaching at multiple levels including:

Postgraduate supervision

The main aim of Farhat Khanim’s research is the identification and delivery of effective, non-toxic therapies for blood cancers to the clinic. To achieve this goal, the group studies the basic biology of haematological malignancies, performs drug redeployment screening and drug mechanism of action studies. Mechanistic studies include analysis of tumour metabolism in response to drugs and tumour niche interactions.

Applicants who are interested in postgraduate projects with Dr Khanim should contact her directly with their CV and areas of particular interest.

Other activities

Farhat is a keen supporter and contributor to national fundraising and research events for Blood Cancer UK, a major funder of her work. This includes hosting research visits, talking at award ceremonies and Impact days.

The London International Youth Science Festival (LIYSF), organised by Imperial College, attracts the best students from STEM subjects from all over the world. Farhat is a regular contributor to the LIYSF, delivering invited lectures and hosting workshops for international students at the university since 2016. She also contributes to the Big Bang Science Festival, a national event designed to promote STEM subjects in school children, as an invited judge and assessor.

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Recent publications


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Review article

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