Dr Ana Poveda BDS, MSc, FDS(OM) RCS

Dr Ana Poveda

School of Dentistry
Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Oral Medicine

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After having successfully completed her Specialty Training  Ana Poveda has been appointed as a Lecturer and Honorary Consultant. She is the new Academic Lead in Oral Medicine in the School of Dentistry. 


  • FDS (OM) RCS (Eng) 2017
  • MSc in Oral Medicine. Eastman Dental Institute. UCL (UK) 2007
  •  Postgraduate in Adult Dentistry. 2003. Universitat de Barcelona (UB) Spain
  • BDS- Lic Odon 2002. Universitat de Barcelona (UB) Spain 


Ana Poveda qualified in Dentistry by the Universitat de Barcelona in Spain in 2002. Following completion of the postgraduate course in Adult Dentistry by the same school, She moved to Aberdeen (Scotland) to work as an Associate in General Dental Practice until 2006.

She spent some time in Guatemala working as a volunteer before starting her Master Degree in Oral Medicine at the Eastman Dental Institute- University College London in 2007.

She then moved to Barcelona to work as an Associate Dentist with interest in Oral Medicine as well as a Lecturer in the Maxillofacial Unit at the Universitat International de Catalunya until 2009. Following year she moved to Birmingham to work as a Specialist Dentist before starting her formal specialty training in Oral Medicine in Birmingham Dental Hospital in 2011. She continues to collaborate with her University as a visiting Lecturer.

Having been successful in the Intercollegiate Specialty Fellowship Examination (ISFE) in Oral Medicine in 2016, she has been elected FDS (OM) from the Royal College of Surgeons of England and appointed as Lecturer and Honorary Consultant and Academic Lead in Oral Medicine in the School of Dentistry. 


  • Head of the Bachelor of Dental Sciences (BDS) Oral Medicine teaching speciality
  •  Teaching and assessment for BDS and Dental Therapy courses
  •  Tutor for BDS students
  •  Postgraduate lectures in Oral Medicine


Ana is starting her Doctorate studies in autoimmune/inflammatory oral mucosal diseases which are a great area of interest to her.

She also has a research interest in Sjogren’s syndrome

During her career Ana has been actively involved in research projects including NIHR portfolio TRACTISS study,a Randomized Control trial that studied the effects of anti-B cell therapy for primary Sjögren’s syndrome.

She also collaborated with the LEONIDAS study: the aim of this pilot study was to study the effects of the use of electro-stimulator device to treat dry mouth in patients with Sjogren’s syndrome. This will feed into the multicenter study SALRISE  which she intends to participate in 2017.

She is currently involved in OASIS study. This study aims to enrol patients with primary Sjogren’s syndrome attending the multidisciplinary Sjogren’s clinic at QEH into a large, long-term observational study. This includes comprehensive baseline assessments and yearly follow ups in order to create a well-established cohort with will support future translational research, better understanding of the disease and newer therapies.

She carried out a systematic review in salivary gland pathology in children and adolescence during her Master in Oral Medicine.

Other activities

  • MChD/BChD Dental Surgery Leeds: External examiner (2016-2019)
  • Universitat Internacional Catalunya- Visiting Lecturer (2010-)
  • Universitat de Barcelona- Visiting Lecturer (2016-)
  • Peer reviewer in following journals:
  • 2014- Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology, Oral Radiology
  • 2016- Oral Surgery
  • BSOM Junior in Training Representative (2014)


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