Dr Ben Scheven PhD FHEA

Dr Ben Scheven

School of Dentistry
Reader in Oral Cell Biology

Contact details

The School of Dentistry
5 Mill Pool Way
B5 7EG
United Kingdom

Dr Ben Scheven is Reader in Oral Cell Biology and has an established track record in the cell biology of bone and dental tissues in health and disease. His current research centres around the role and application of mesenchymal and dental stem cells in tissue repair and regeneration, nerve repair and neuronal cell differentiation and therapeutic ultrasound.    


  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (2011)
  • PgCert LTHE (2011)
  • PhD, University of Leiden (1986)
  • MSc Biology, University of Leiden (1982)



  • BDS
  • BMedSc.
  • MRes.
  • MOrth.

Postgraduate supervision

Dr Scheven currently supervises doctoral research in the following areas:

Biological effects and therapeutic potential of ultrasound
Regulation of mesenchymal cells by neurotrophic factors
Stem cell isolation from adipose tissue for dental tissue engineering
Neurogenic potential of dental pulp: isolation and culture of neuronal stem cells from dental tissues
Mesenchymal stem cells for craniofacial tissue regeneration

Other activities

  • Lead of Oral Biology, Microbiology and Immunology module.
  • Head of BDS Elective Studies Programme
  • Member of Curriculum Development Committee, School of Dentistry
  • Member of Postgraduate Committee, School of Dentistry
  • External examiner of Oral Biology and Y2 of BDS programme (Years 1 and 2), University of Bristol
  • Member of management committee and councillor of the Association of Science Educators in Dentistry (ASEiD), formerly the Association of Basic Science Teachers in Dentistry (ABSTD).
  • Committee member / councillor of Mineralised Tissue Research Group (MINTIG) of the British Society for Dental Research
  • Frequent reviewer of scientific papers submitted to various international scientific journals and research project grant applications


Recent publications


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