Dr Jessica Johnson BA (Hons), MPhil, PhD (Cantab)

Dr Jessica Johnson

Department of African Studies and Anthropology
Associate Professor in Social Anthropology and African Studies
Head of Department of African Studies and Anthropology

I am a social anthropologist specialising in Southern Africa, with a particular focus on the anthropology of gender and law in Malawi.


  • BA (Hons), Archaeology and Anthropology (Cambridge)
  • MPhil, Social Anthropological Research (Cambridge)
  • PhD, Social Anthropology (Cambridge)
  • PGCHE, Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education (Birmingham)


I completed my PhD in 2013 at the University of Cambridge, where I also studied for my BA and MPhil. I worked for three years as a Research Fellow at Peterhouse College, Cambridge, before joining DASA as a Lecturer in 2016. In 2018, I completed the Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education (PGCHE) and became a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.


  • Thinking Anthropologically (core module for first-year undergraduates)
  • Social Life of the Economy (optional module for second- and third-year undergraduates and Masters students)
  • Kinship, Gender and Sexuality (optional module for second and third year undergraduates)
  • Contemporary Gender Issues in Africa (Masters module)
  • Studying Societies (anthropology) (core module for first-year undergraduates)
  • Anthropology and Its Regions (core module for first-year undergraduates)
  • Research Skills and Methods in African Studies (core module for postgraduate students)

Postgraduate supervision

I welcome enquiries from students interested in gender relations, development, and legal anthropology.

Find out more - our PhD African Studies  page has information about doctoral research at the University of Birmingham.


I have conducted more than two years’ fieldwork in Malawi, 2009-10 and 2015. My doctoral work concerned gender relations and marital dispute resolution in a matrilineal context. My more recent research focuses on the workings of a rural Magistrates’ court. 

Other activities

  • Gibbs Travelling Research Fellow, Newnham College, Cambridge, 2014-15
  • I am an editor of the Journal of Southern African Studies
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy


Recent publications


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Chapter (peer-reviewed)

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Entry for encyclopedia/dictionary

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