Dr Edward Stewart

Dr Edward Stewart

Department of Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering

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Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering
Gisbert Kapp Building
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Edd Stewart is a lecturer in digital logic and microprocessor systems. His research work is delivered through the Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education where he leads on projects in the areas of condition monitoring, energy, winter preparation, and non-destructive testing. Edd is involved in research programmes in the UK, Europe, and also in the far East where he is also involved in university relations and overseas teaching


  • PhD in Electronic Engineering, 2012
  • MEng in Computer and Communications Engineering with Management, The University of Birmingham, 2004


Edd Stewart graduated from the University of Birmingham with a Masters degree in Computer and Communications Engineering in 2004. In the same year he started a PhD in the, then, digital systems and vision processing group at the University of Birmingham. Edd specialised in reconfigurable computing and particularly custom architectures for memory hierarchies, along with the development of APIs for various pieces of reconfigurable hardware. Edd’s PhD is in the development of hardware architectures for obtaining, and managing the data associated with the instrumentation of railway vehicles.

In 2007, Edd was seconded to the Birmingham Centre for Railway Research & Education (BCRRE) where he worked primarily on instrumentation and condition monitoring projects within the railway domain. Over the next few years, Edd developed a significant research portfolio, participating in industrial as well as RCUK and EU funded research projects.

In 2011, Edd took on a lecturing position and now teaches courses in digital electronics, microprocessors, embedded systems and laboratory skills. These vary from 1st year to MSc and also include a one-week intensive module in a Chinese university.

Edd’s research interests are centred on instrumentation development and condition monitoring in the railway domain. Projects include: vehicle under-frame inspection and condition monitoring, energy monitoring and loss analysis, digital processing for non-destructive testing techniques, infrastructure condition monitoring, winter performance, and architectures for real time processing and event detection.


Teaching Programmes


  • 1st year - Digital electronics and microprocessor systems
  • 2nd year - Robot project
  • MSc – Small embedded systems
  • MRes – Laboratory skills
  • Project supervision – UG3, UG4, MSc, MRes, PhD
  • Cultural exchange and integration laboratory – Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Postgraduate supervision

Current / past:

  • MSc – Sukhjit Pooni
  • MSc (Research) – Russell Preece
  • MRes – Zhenhe Zhang
  • PhD – Zhenhe Zhang

Due to start:


  • PhD – William Driscoll
  • PhD – Zhe Chen
  • PhD – Tao Wen
  • PhD – Ahmadreza Faghih


Research Themes


  • Railways
  • Condition monitoring
  • Vehicle and infrastructure instrumentation frameworks
  • Energy
  • Winter preparation
  • Reconfigurable hardware