Dr Rosamund Moon MA, PhD, PGCE

Department of English Language and Linguistics
Honorary Research Fellow

My research and specialist teaching is primarily in the broad field of lexis and also lexicography.


I have a BA and MA from the University of Exeter, and a PhD from the University of Birmingham.


Before joining the Department as a lecturer in 1999, I worked for twenty years in publishing as a lexicographer. I was part of the original team on the Cobuild project (HarperCollins and the University of Birmingham), which pioneered the use of corpus data in dictionary-making, and I also worked for Oxford University Press on the Second Supplement to the Oxford English Dictionary, and on the Hector project, a collaboration between OUP and Digital Equipment Corporation.


My main research areas are lexis in general (including phraseology,collocation, and idioms), lexicography and dictionary-making, and figurative language – also discourse and ideological aspects of language, particularly from a lexical point of view: my approaches are generally corpus-based or text-based.

Other activities

I was a member of the Executive Board for Euralex from 1996-2006, and Secretary-Treasurer from 2002-2006.


Amongst the conferences which I’ve helped organize at Birmingham are the 2002 meeting of the Poetics and Linguistics Association and the 2005, 2007, and 2011 Corpus Linguistics conferences. I have also been actively involved in the organization of the biennial congresses of Euralex, the European Association for Lexicography, held between 1998 and 2006.


Recent publications


Barnden, J, Lee, M, Littlemore, J, Moon, R, Philip, G & Wallington, A (eds) 2009, Corpus-Based Approaches to Figurative Language: Colloquium Companion of a Corpus Linguistics 2009 Colloquium, Cognitive Science Research Paper CSRP-09-01. University of Birmingham, School of Computer Science.


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Conference contribution

Moon, R 2014, Meanings, ideologies, and learners' dictionaries. in A Abel, C Vettori & N Ralli (eds), Proceedings of the XVI EURALEX International Congress: The User in Focus. EURALEX Proceedings, Bolzano/Bozen, pp. 85-105, XVI EURALEX International Congress: The User in Focus, Bolzano, Italy, 15/07/14.

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