Dr Dave Gunning BA, MA, PhD

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Department of English Literature
Senior Lecturer in English Literature

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Arts Building, Room 117
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

I teach and research contemporary Anglophone literature and postcolonial studies.


  • BA English and Philosophy (Manchester)
  • MA Commonwealth and Postcolonial Literature  (Leeds)
  • PhD English (Leeds)
  • Postgraduate Certificate of Academic Practice (Birmingham)


I joined the University of Birmingham in 2007, having previously held a lectureship in Postcolonial Literature at the University of Leeds.


I’ll be convening four modules in the 2018-19 academic year: New World Orders? at second-year, which looks at Anglophone literature between 1945 and 1999; the final-year Professional Skills in English Literature which allows students to spend time on placement outside the University, the specialist study option Last Year’s Novels, looking at Anglophone fiction published in 2017; and the MA module Contemporary Literature

Postgraduate supervision

I welcome applications for PhD study in the area of 21st-century Anglophone literature.

Current and former PhD supervisions in which I’ve been involved include:

  • A micro-history of black Handsworth
  • Local and global identities in the contemporary Irish novel
  • Arab-American Drama
  • Narrative and Identity in the fiction of Kazuo Ishiguro
  • Feminisms in the New Nigerian Novel
  • The marketing of mixed-race identity in British publishing
  • Gender Politics in expatriate Arabian Gulf fiction
  • Douglas Coupland and the transnational
  • Derek Walcott and the pastoral mode
  • Contemporary Caribbean Poetics
  • The textual spaces of Afropolitanism

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My current research includes work on the essay as political form, the nature and development of the postcolonial Bildungsroman, and the novel as space of sanctuary: linking these is a concern with how formal innovation allows for political and ethical exploration.

Other activities

I am Head of Education for the School of English, Drama, and American & Canadian Studies.



  • Postcolonial Literature (Edinburgh University Press, 2013)
  • Race and Antiracism in Black British and British Asian Literature (Liverpool University Press, 2010)

Edited collection

  • Tracing Black America in Black British Culture, jointly edited with Abigail Ward. Special Issue of Atlantic Studies: Literary, Cultural and Historical Perspectives 6.2 (2009)

Articles in journals

  • ‘Dissociation, Spirit Possession and the Languages of Trauma in Some Recent African-British Novels’, Research in African Literatures 46.4 (2015), 119-32
  • ‘The First-Person Plural in Hanif Kureishi’s Essays’, Journal of Commonwealth Literature 50.2 (2015), 133-49
  • ‘Ethnicity, Authenticity and Empathy in the Realist Novel and its Alternatives’, Contemporary Literature 53.4 (2012), 779-813   
  • ‘Race, Community and Agency in Fictional Representations of Sport in Britain’, Moving Worlds 12.1 (2012), 126-35
  • ‘Editorial: Tracing Black America in Black British Culture’, Atlantic Studies: Literary, Cultural and Historical Perspectives 6.2 (2009), 149-158 (jointly authored with Abigail Ward)
  • ‘Daljit Nagra, Faber Poet: Burdens of Representation and Anxieties of Influence’, Journal of Commonwealth Literature 43.3 (2008), 95-108
  • ‘Caryl Phillips’s Cambridge and the (Re)Construction of Racial Identity’, Kunapipi 28.1 (2007), 70-81
  • ‘S. I. Martin’s Incomparable World and the Possibilities for Black British Historical Fiction’, Journal of Postcolonial Writing 43.2 (2007), 203-215
  • ‘Anti-Racism, the Nation-State and Contemporary Black British Literature’, Journal of Commonwealth Literature, 39.2 (2004), 29-43

Chapters in edited books

  • ‘Unhappy Bildungsromane’, in Andrea Levy: Contemporary Critical Perspectives, ed. by Jeannette Baxter and David James. Bloomsbury 2014), pp. 9-22
  • ‘The Limits of Culture and Community in Monica Ali’s Brick Lane’, in Cultural Encounters, ed. by Nicolas Birns (Salem, 2013), pp. 247-61
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  • ‘Citizenship, Identity, and Illegal Immigrants: Manzu Islam’s Burrow’ in The Future of Identity, ed. by Katherine Burkitt and Giles Simon, (University of Salford Press, 2005), pp. 31-44 

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Contemporary literature and culture, especially that of the postcolonial world and of minority communities in the UK

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