Dr Neville Hollingworth PhD

Dr Neville Hollingworth

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Honorary Research Associate

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Dr Neville Hollingworth is an expert field geologist with a penchant for finding exceptional fossils. His discoveries in the UK have caught the attention of the national media. As some of his finds are new to science these have been published in collaboration with staff from the School of Geography Earth and Environmental Sciences.


PhD (University of Durham)

BSc (University of Newcastle)


11/2010-present  - Science in Society Manager, STFC

07/2010-11/2010 - Science Strategy Manager, Science Technology and Facilities Council

02/2004-06/2007 - Centre for Ecology and Hydrology

03/2005-06/2006 - Ecology and Hydrology Funding Initiative Science Coordinator

11/1992-03/2005 - Science Programme Officer (Natural Environment Research Council)

06/1987-06/1992 - Curator Oxford Brookes University

For the last 15 years Neville has worked in various roles within the UK’s Scientific Research Councils. His primary interests are in Earth Sciences and particularly in palaeobiology, palaeoenvironments and climate change. He has published a variety of papers primarily in palaeobiology and stratigraphy, as well as various field guides to world famous fossiliferous sequences. Neville is an acknowledged authority on British Jurassic Stratigraphy and associated marine biotas, and is a keen field geologist. Neville conducts collaborative research with members of the Palaeobiology and Palaeoenvironments research group and is involved in student field project supervision.


Neville supervises undergraduate research projects and leads field trips for the department.

Other activities

Neville is a keen public engagement practitioner and member of the Institute of Physics High Energy Particle Physics Committee, he has close ties with the Physics Department at Birmingham and is also a member of the Royal Astronomical Society, Education and Communicaton Committee. Neville is also a keen scuba diver and underwater photographer and has won international underwater photography competitions.


Key Publications since 2001

Rothwell, G. W. Mapes, G., Hilton, J. and Hollingworth N. T. 2007. Anatomy of cheirolepidiaceous pollen cones; Classostrobus crossii sp. nov. International Journal of Coal Geology 69: 55-57.

Wilby, P.R, Hudson, J.D. Clements, R.G. and Hollingworth. N. T. J. (2004). Taphonomy and Origin of an Accumulate Of Soft Bodied Cephalopods, in The Oxford Clay Formation (Jurassic, England). Palaeontology, Vol 47, Part 5, 1159-1180.

Hollingworth, N. T. J., Wilby, P. and Hilton, J. 2001. Callovian calamari: exceptionally preserved squid from the Oxford Clay, Geoscientist 11: 4-8.

Hollingworth, N T J & Wignall P B (1992) The Callovian-Oxfordian boundary in Oxfordshire and Wiltshire based on two new temporary sections. Proceedings of the Geologists Association 103: 1-16.

Smith, A B & Hollingworth, N T J (1990). Tooth Structure and Phylogeny of the Echinoid Miocidaris. From the Upper Permian Zechstein Cycle 1 Reef of North East England. Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society, 48: 47-60.

Hollingworth, N T J & Pettigrew, T H (1988). Zechstein Reef Fossils and their Palaeoecology. Palaeontological Association Field Guides to Fossils No. 3, 75 pp.