Dr Ahmad Barakat

Dr Ahmad Barakat

Department of Political Science and International Studies
Teaching Fellow

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POLSIS - School of Government
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Dr Ahmad Barakat has policy expertise in the politics of the Middle East. He is a teaching fellow at the University of Birmingham. His research examines the politics of the Middle East with focus on the political economy, the Arab-Israeli conflict, the Arab Spring, the refugee crisis and media, ISIS, Islamism, and extremism. His work has appeared in a number of leading journals such as Oxford, Routledge, and the University of St. Andrews. He is a former Syrian diplomat, UN staff, and human rights expert.


  • PhD in Political Science and International Studies from the University of Birmingham.
  • MA in International Studies with Merit from the University of Leeds.


Dr Ahmad Barakat joined POLSIS Department as a teaching fellow in 2015. He previously worked as a diplomat of Syria, a UN staff and a human rights expert in the League of Arab States. He received his PhD from the University of Birmingham in 2019, and his MA from the University of Leeds in 2005.

His primary areas of interest are the politics of the Middle East, the Arab-Israeli conflict, refugees and media, ISIS, Islamism and extremism. He is especially interested in the refugee crisis. His journal article: ‘The Images of Syrian Refugees in the Mainstream Narrative – Case study of Lebanon’, documents how mainstream media in countries hosting Syrian refugees, communicated a negative image of Syrian refugees. Through overreaction, panic, and focus on the most controversial and sensitive problems in the host communities, the media has communicated an image of the Syrian refugee as ranging between being pitiful and being ISIS affiliates.


  • International Relations of the Middle East
  • Strategy, Leadership and Foreign Policy
  • The Diplomacy of the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Postgraduate supervision

Dr Barakat welcomes enquires from those wishing to undertake postgraduate research in the following areas:

  • The politics of the Middle East
  • Diplomacy
  • The Arab-Israeli conflict
  • Refugee crisis, media, and politics
  • ISIS, Islamism, and extremism


Research interests

  • The politics of the Middle East
  • Diplomacy
  • The Arab-Israeli conflict
  • Refugee crisis and media
  • ISIS, Islamism, and extremism

Current projects

Refugees and global security

Other activities

Tutoring undergraduate students.