Professor Lynne Cameron

Honorary Professor
Institute for Conflict, Cooperation and Security

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Faculty of Education and Language Studies
Centre for Language and Communication
Open University

Professor Lynne Cameron is Professor of Applied Linguistics at the Open University and ESRC Global Uncertainties Research Fellow. Her current project under this programme is ‘Living with Uncertainty: Metaphor and the dynamics of empathy”, which is constructing a new model of empathy in dialogue and interaction, using findings from empirical studies in UK, USA, and Brazil.


Key Publications:

Cameron, L. & I. B. Seu (in press), Landscapes of empathy: Spatial scenarios, metaphors and metonymies in responses to distant suffering. Text & Talk.

Cameron, L. (2011) Metaphor and Reconciliation. Routledge, New York.

Cameron, L. and R. Maslen (2010) Using metaphor analysis to compare expert and public perceptions of the risk of terrorism. In L. Cameron and R. Maslen (eds) Metaphor analysis: Research practice in applied linguistics, social sciences, and the humanities. pp 248-256. London: Equinox.

Cameron, L. Maslen, R., Todd, Z., Maule, J., Stratton, & N. Stanley. (2009) The discourse dynamics approach to metaphor and metaphor-led discourse analysis. Metaphor & Symbol, 24, 1-27.

Maule, J., Stratton, P., Cameron, L., Todd, Z., Maslen, R., Sandberg, T. & N. Stanley. (2007) How Muslims and non-Muslims think about terrorist risk. Islam, Politics and Security in the UK. Chatham House, ISP/NSC Briefing Paper 07/01.

Cameron L. (2007) Patterns of metaphor use in reconciliation talk. Discourse and Society, 18(2), 197-222. 

Working Papers

Cameron, L. (2010) Empathy: A Review. Living with Uncertainty, Working Paper 1.

Cameron, L. (2010) Metaphor, Reconciliation and the Dynamics of Empathy. Living with Uncertainty, Working Paper 2.

Cameron, L. (2011) Empathy in talk: A Model and some methodological considerations. Living with Uncertaint, Working Paper 3.

Cameron, L. (2012) Comparing responses to violence and uncertainty in Brazil and the UK: Background to a collaborative project. Living with Uncertainty, Working Paper 4.

Cameron, L. (2012) Dyspathy: The dynamic complement of empathy. Living with Uncertainty, Working Paper 5.