Dr Cerwyn Moore

Dr Cerwyn Moore

Department of Political Science and International Studies
Associate Professor in International Relations

Contact details

Department of Political Science and International Studies
School of Government
Muirhead Tower
University of Birmingham
Edgbaston, Birmingham,
B15 2TT, United Kingdom

Cerwyn Moore is a associate professor in International Relations. He teaches and writes on terrorism and insurgency linked to the North Caucasus, particularly suicide attacks, foreign fighters and mass hostage-taking and the role of Islam. He also teaches and writes on interpretive approaches to International Relations, with a specific interest in narratives, hermeneutics, aesthetics and continental international political thought.


PhD International Relations (Nottingham Trent)

MA International Relations (Nottingham)

BA International Relations (Staffs)


Dr Moore joined POLSIS in 2007, having previously worked as a Lecturer / Senior Lecturer at Nottingham Trent University. He holds a PhD in International Relations from Nottingham Trent University, an MA in International Relations from the University of Nottingham, and a BA in International Relations from Staffs University.

Dr Moore’s research focuses on the ‘Theory, Practice and Interpretation of Violence’ within global politics. He teaches on undergraduate and post-graduate courses on security, terrorism and International Relations theory and works within the International Relations and Security Studies research clusters. He has published widely on political violence related to the two Russo-Chechen Wars of the 1990s, having won a series of British Academy research awards to analyze the changing nature of political violence in the North Caucasus. He works closely with colleagues in CREES, and was a founding member of the Caucasus and Central Asia (CCA) working group. Dr Moore also works on hermeneutic, interpretative and aesthetic approaches to global politics.

Finally Dr Moore continues to work on a multi-institutional and multi-disciplinary project entitled Re-Design, which seeks to develop a Decision Support Framework (DSF) to enable resilient planning and design. This project is co-funded by the ESRC, AHRC and EPSRC


Dr Moore currently teaches on two post-graduate modules on Terrorism and Contemporary Conflict, and contributes to other modules on International Relations Theory. He also teaches on POLS330 – Critical Security Studies – a level three undergraduate module.

Postgraduate supervision

Dr Moore is happy to supervise students in any area of International Relations theory (especially interpretive IR; narratives, hermeneutics and aesthetics), and research students interested in post-Soviet security, and war, terrorism and insurgency linked to the North Caucasus.


Research groups: International relations theory | Security studies

Research Interests

  • Terrorism
  • International Relations Theory
  • Chechnya and the North Caucasus
  • Post-Soviet Security
  • Interpretive IR
  • Critical security Studies

Current and Recent Projects

Understanding the Insurgency in the North Caucasus(2012-Present).

The Changing Dynamics of Contemporary Conflict and War, ICCS (2012-Present).

International Relations and Philosophy: Interpretive Dialogues (2004-present).

Terrorism, Insurgency andChechnya: Narratives of Violence in the North Caucasus (2003-present). 

Research Grants

C.Moore (PI) £15,742, 'Understanding the Insurgency in the North Caucasus', 2012-2013.

C.Moore (PI) £52,000, 'Resilient Design', [with Jon Coaffee, Lee Bosher and David Fletcher], 2012-2013.

C.Moore (PI) £71,000, 'Resilient Design' [with Jon Coaffee, Lee Bosher and David Fletcher], 2011-2012.

C.Moore (Co-I) £905,000, 'Resilient Design' [with Jon Coaffee, Lee Bosher and David Fletcher], Economic and Social Research Council (ERSC), 2006-2010. 

C.Moore (PI) £4900, 'Reinterpreting Critical Accounts of Contemporary Violence', British Academy, 2003-2005.  

Other activities

Administrative Responsibilities

Deputy Research Director, POLSIS (2011-2013)

Research Committee Chair, POLSIS (2010-2011 & 2012-2013)

School Research Committee, Government & Society (2009-2012)

Other professional appointments

2004-2007 - Lecturer / Senior Lecturer in International Relations (Nottingham Trent University)

1999-2003 - Part-Time Lecturer in International Relations (Nottingham Trent University)



Moore, C (2010) Contemporary Violence: Postmodern War in Kosovo and Chechnya, Manchester: MUP.

Moore, C and Farrands, C (eds.) (2010) International Relations Theory and Philosophy: Interpretive Dialogues, London: Routledge.

Special Issues

Europe-Asia Studies, ‘The Many Faces of the Caucasus’ [co-edited with Jeremy Smith, Nino Kemoklidze and Galina Yemelianova] Vol.64, No.9 (2012). Includes co-authored introduction (pp.1619-1632).

Space and Culture, ‘Spaces of Terrorism and Risk’, [co-edited with Joel McKim and David Barnard Wills] Vol.12, No.2 (2012). Includes co-authored introduction (pp.1-6).

Global Society, ‘Aesthetics and International Relations’, [co-edited with Laura Shepherd] Vol.24, No.3 (2010). Includes co-authored introduction (pp.299-309).

Borderlands e-journal, ‘Ambivalent Architectures’ [co-edited with Anca Pusca] Vol.9, No.2, (2010). Includes co-authored introduction.

Edited Collections

Stephen White and Cerwyn Moore (eds.) Post-Soviet Politics Vols:1-4, London: Sage. Sage Library of Politics, 2012.

Stephen Chan and Cerwyn Moore (eds.) Approaches to International Relations: Vols:1-4, London: Sage. Sage Library of International Relations Series, 2009.

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Journal Articles

Moore, C (2012) ‘Suicide Bombing: Chechnya, the North Caucasus and Martyrdom’, Europe-Asia Studies, Vol.64, No.9, pp.1788-1815.

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Book Chapters

Moore, C (2013) ‘A Practical Guide to Research on Terrorism in the North Caucasus’ in Adam Dolnik (ed.) Conducting Terrorism Fieldwork: A Guide, London: Routledge, pp.124-139.

Moore, C and C Farrands (2013) ‘Visual Analysis and the Aesthetics of Security’ in Laura Shepherd (ed.) Critical Approaches to Security: An Introduction to Theory and Methods, London: Routledge, pp.221-235.

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Reports, Expert Commentary and Analysis, Review Articles

Moore, C (2013) 'Analysis: Chechnya Casts A Long Shadow Over the Boston Marathon Bombings', The Telegraph, 20th April.

Moore, C (2012) 'The Threat from Swarm Attacks: Case Studies from the North Caucasus', CTC Sentinel, Vol.5, Issue.5, 22nd May.

Moore, C (2011) 'A Review of Martyrdom Operations and the Insurgency in the North Caucasus: 2008 to the Present', North Caucasus Analysis, Vol.12, Issue.4, 17th February.

Moore, C (2011) 'Domodedovo Airport: A Symbol of Modern RussiaThat Became a Target', The Guardian, 24th January.

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Moore, C (2010) 'A New Generation of Militants Strike With Bombings in Russia', The Guardian, 29th March.

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Moore, C (2008) 'Russia's Post-Colonial War(s)', Europe-Asia Studies, Vol.60, Issue.5, pp.851-861

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  • Chechnya and the Caucasus
  • Insurgency and violent movements
  • post-communist security
  • Political violence
  • Foreign fighters
  • Kadyrov