Dr Yi Wang

Dr Yi Wang

Department of Political Science and International Studies
Assistant Professor

Contact details

POLSIS - School of Government
Muirhead Tower
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT


Assistant Professor

  • PhD in Political Science, Waseda University, 2018


Yi Wang is currently an assistant professor at the Department of Political Science and International Studies. Prior to taking up this position, he served as an assistant professor at Waseda University and a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Manchester. Dr Wang’s research focuses on memory politics, nationalism, international security, and political communication. He is an area expert on China and East Asia. His scholarly works have appeared in journals such as The China Quarterly, Journal of Contemporary China, Memory Studies, Media, Culture & Society, among others. 


Research Interests

  • Memory politics
  • Nationalism and national identity
  • Contemporary China
  • International relations of East Asia
  • Political communication



Wang, Y. (2023), "The divisive past and the conflicted other: how Chinese netizens view Russia," Journal of Contemporary China (online first).

Wang, Y. (2022), "Contesting the past on the Chinese Internet: Han-centrism and mnemonic practices," Memory Studies, 15: 304-317.

Gries, P. and Wang, Y. (2021), "Proscribing the 'spiritually Japanese': popular indignation, authoritarian responsiveness, and regime legitimation in China today," The China Quarterly, 245: 122-141.

Wang, Y. and Chew, M.M. (2021), "State, market, and the manufacturing of war memory: the case of television dramas on the War of Resistance against Japan," Memory Studies, 14: 877-891.

Chew, M.M. and Wang, Y. (2021), "How propagames work as a part of digital authoritarianism: an analysis of a popular Chinese propagame, Kangzhan Online," Media, Culture and Society, 43: 1431-1448.

Wang, Y. (2020), "'The backward will be beaten': historical lesson, security, and nationalism in China," Journal of Contemporary China, 29: 887-900.