Luke Harris

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Honorary Research Fellow

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I am a social historian with interests in late nineteenth and early twentieth century British history, particularly anything related to sport. I have a real interest in the sporting history of Birmingham and the West Midlands and my current research is focused upon the development of athletics within the city at the commencement of the twentieth century.


I completed my BA and MA degrees at Aberystwyth University, before undertaking a funded PhD at Canterbury Christ Church University, entitled ‘Britain and the Olympic Games, 1908-1920: Perspectives on participation and identity’. Since it’s successfully publication in 2015, my thesis was published under the same title with Palgrave Macmillan and was the first in the series ‘Palgrave studies in Sport and Politics’. In 2016, my book won the International Society for Olympic Historians award for the outstanding book upon the Olympic movement. I have continued to research and write Olympic related history, although my research interests extend far beyond this.

Since the completion of my PhD, I have taught at Canterbury Christ Church University and completed a PGCE 11-18 qualification and I am currently employed as a history teacher within a secondary school. It is my desire to work with academia and undertake outstanding teaching and world class research.


MA in West Midlands History


My research interests primarily surround sports history, particularly related to athletics and the Olympic Games. My PhD research focused upon British involvement and identity towards the Olympic Games and my thesis and monograph are entitled ‘Britain and the Olympic Games, 1908-1920: Perspectives on Participation and identity’. This research allowed me to examine not just the national perspective upon the Olympic Games, but also that within the different nations and regions within England, allowing me to explore the perspectives within Britain’s four nations and regions, including the Midlands.

My general interests in the Olympic Games and sports history have seen me write upon a number of subjects related to these fields. In 2011, while completing my doctorate I won the Pierre de Coubertin Societies Student essay competition for a piece on the impact of corruption for athletes, spectators, governing bodes and sponsors. More recently, I have written book chapters upon cricket, snooker, racism in British sport and sports manufacturer, Slazenger, within the fields of history and sports sociology. In 2018, I have a number of articles due to be published within journals.

Since the completion of my doctorate I have been able to utilise some of the material which I collected throughout my thesis, but was generally unable to utilise, such as the boys story newspapers. These newspapers have formed the basis of my research and writing for publication over the last year.

In 2016, I was awarded funding to undertake research which analysed the manner by which football clubs in England represented and presented their history. I am currently in the final stages of writing this research up for publication within academic journals.

Being from the Midlands I have always had an interest in the regions history. This was something reflected within my PhD and I am currently undertaking a new project which examines the development of athletics within Birmingham in the early twentieth century. Recently I have published upon the 1867 National Olympian Games which took place in Birmingham and W.W. Alexander, one of the key figures within the history of prominent Birmingham athletic club Birchfield Harriers.

Other activities

I am involved in not just writing within the field of history, but also have a strong interest in anything related to sport, particularly related to heritage and sociology.


Single-authored books

  • ‘Britain and the Olympic Games, 1908-1920: Perspectives upon participation and Identity,’ (Palgrave MacMillan, October 2015)

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles 

  • Harris, Luke J: ‘With no cinder path for track training, our position is hopeless’: A History of Athletics facilities in Birmingham, 1879-1929’.(Midland History, June 2021) 
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Book Chapters within edited collections 

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Scholarly based online publications 

  • Harris, Luke J: ‘A railway fare and a drink’: A story of Edwardian amateur football in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire (Playing Pasts, 15/6/20)
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