Dr Jennifer Heaney PhD

Jennifer Heaney

Institute of Immunology and Immunotherapy
Research Fellow

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Clinical Immunology Service
Institute of Immunology and Immunotherapy
College of Medical and Dental Sciences
University of Birmingham
Birmingham, B15 2TT

Dr Jennifer Heaney is a Research Fellow within the Clinical Immunology Service in the Institute of Immunology and Immunotherapy. Jennifer’s main theme of research is immunoassay development for clinical applications, focusing on multiple myeloma, measurement of immunocompetence, and non-invasive testing. She collaborates with industry partners to develop and validate novel immunoassays.  She has received funding from Cancer Research UK, the MRC and NIHR. 

ResearchGate Profile


  • PhD. University of Birmingham, 2012
  • MSc. Bangor University, 2008
  • BSc. Bangor University, 2007


Jennifer completed her PhD at the University of Birmingham, UK. Following a year working in industry in Oxford, Jennifer returned to Birmingham appointed as a Research Fellow developing and validating new tests for diagnosing and monitoring multiple myeloma. This included working with Abingdon Health on Seralite® - a rapid quantitative test for myeloma. Jennifer supported test development and validation and a publication series to support adoption in clinical practice. The test is now sold in 72 countries worldwide.

Jennifer then went on to develop highly sensitive ELISAs to enable immunoglobulin free light chains to be measured in non-invasive specimens.  She has continued to work on new testing platforms and methods for applications in myeloma and for markers of immunocompetence to be used in a range of populations. Jennifer has received several MRC Confidence in Concept grants to support her assay development work.  

Jennifer has investigated immunosuppression and infections in UK myeloma clinical trials, supported by NIHR. She has also undertaken research in healthy and clinical populations to increase understanding on the relationship between oral and systemic immune systems.  Alongside assay development, immunity in myeloma and oral immunity continue to form her main research interests.


• Jennifer is College Lead for Postgraduate Mentorship
• MBChB tutor Immunity, Infection and Haematology
• BMedSci: Clinical Sciences. Research project supervisor for intercalating MBChB students
• Project marker for MSc Immunology and Immunotherapy

Postgraduate supervision

Jennifer is currently supervising two PhD students. 

Jennifer has supervised several students from MSc Immunology and Immunotherapy, MRes Cancer Sciences and MSc by Research courses (full and part-time).

If you are interested in studying in Jennifer’s areas of interest, she welcomes applications from potential doctoral students. Please contact her directly. 


Jennifer’s research has three core areas of focus, which often intersect: I) immunoassay design, development, and validation; II) myeloma biology; and III) basic immunology research with an emphasis on oral immunity.

Jennifer is passionate about developing testing solutions that are low-cost and straightforward to remove obstacles to achieving patient benefits and to improve access to testing. She collaborates with industry partners to develop and manufacture tests.

She is currently working on a rapid test to help tackle diagnostic delay in myeloma and improve access to myeloma testing in low-middle income countries. This work is being supported by CRUK.

Her other ongoing immunoassay projects include: validating a new sensitive laboratory method for detecting and monitoring low-level myeloma disease, rapid testing to assess protection against disease to inform vaccination, and high sensitivity non-invasive testing for applications in multiple sclerosis.

Alongside immunoassay development, Jennifer continues research into myeloma biology, namely immunosuppression in myeloma, and oral immunity. She is particularly interested in differences between oral and systemic immunity and is investigating this theme in both health and disease.

Other activities

• Member of STEM ethics committee
• Reviewer for various international journals in clinical and laboratory science disciplines
• Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
• Member of British Society for Immunology
• Member of British Society for Haematology


Recent publications


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