Dr Edward Clay PhD

Dr Edward Clay

Department of Modern Languages
Teaching Fellow in Translation Studies

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Ashley Building
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Edward Clay is a Teaching Fellow in Modern Languages, teaching a range of modules in translation studies. He specialises in legal translation and translation technology. He has worked as a translator for many years and has had a number of fiction, non-fiction and audiovisual translations published. His research interests focus on empirical and interdisciplinary approaches to translation studies, examining the intersection between translation, law and linguistics.


  • BA/Hons French and Linguistics – University of Sheffield
  • MA Interpreting and Translation (French and Italian) – University of Bath
  • PhD in Translation Studies – University of Birmingham


I studied my undergraduate degree in French and Linguistics at the University of Sheffield. I then spent several years teaching English as a Foreign Language in various institutions and countries around the world, including France, Italy and Chile. I then returned to education to study for an MA in Interpreting and Translation (French and Italian) at the University of Bath. Upon successful completion of this course, I began working as a freelance translator and interpreter. I still work as a translator to this day in a wide variety of different fields and have had a number of fiction and non-fiction translations published. My most recent published translation is the play ‘The Land Beneath My Feet – translated from the original ‘Les Pieds Tanqués’ by Philippe Chuyen. I also specialise in legal and environmental texts. I returned to university once again to study for a PhD in Translation Studies at the University of Birmingham, where I completed my thesis entitled ‘Translation-induced language change in the field of migration: a multilingual corpus analysis of EU legal texts and press articles.’


I teach on a number of modules on the MA in Translation (campus and distance), including:

  • Translating for Business
  • Translation Technology
  • Specialised Translation
  • Multimodal Translation
  • Professional development


My research interests focus on empirical and interdisciplinary approaches to translation studies, examining the intersection between translation, law and linguistics. My PhD thesis examines the effect of translation-induced language change on terminology in the field of migration, with a multilingual corpus-based investigation of key term in EU legal texts and press articles. I have also published articles in international journals on law and language and corpus methods for examining translated legal texts.


Recent publications


Clay, E 2022, 'A Corpus-Based Approach to Examining Terminological Variation in EU Law', International Journal of Language & Law, vol. 11, pp. 142-162. https://doi.org/10.14762/jll.2022.142

Clay, E & McAuliffe, K 2021, 'Reconceptualising the Third Space of legal translation: a study of the Court of Justice of the European Union', Comparative Legilinguistics, vol. 45, no. 1, pp. 93-126. https://doi.org/10.2478/cl-2021-0005

Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Clay, E 2024, Language contact within an institutional ecosystem: The impact of EU translation. in M Dasca & R Cerarols (eds), Translation Studies and Ecology: Mapping the Possibilities of a New Emerging Field. 1st edn, Routledge Advances in Translation and Interpreting Studies, Routledge, pp. 40-56.

Book/Film/Article review

Clay, E 2020, 'Book Review - Observing Eurolects: Corpus analysis of linguistic variation in EU law (2018) ed. Laura Mori', Languages, Texts and Society , pp. 1-5. <https://www.researchgate.net/publication/344248582_Book_Review_-_Observing_Eurolects_Corpus_analysis_of_linguistic_variation_in_EU_law_2018_ed_Laura_Mori>