Dr Jenny Wong

Dr Jenny Wong

Department of Modern Languages
Assistant Professor
Programme Director for MA in Interpreting with Translation

Contact details

Ashley Building
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

I am a Lecturer in Chinese Interpreting in the Department of Modern Languages. Prior to joining the University of Birmingham, I taught translation at Hang Seng University of Hong Kong , Beijing Normal University-Baptist University of Hong Kong, United International College, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, amongst others.

A published translator, I have translated ten books on religion, health and finance. My current research focuses on the translatability of religious  dimensions in English literature, including Shakespeare.


  • Senior Fellow, Higher Education Academy
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education, University of Birmingham
  • PhD in Literature and Theology, University of Glasgow
  • MA in Interpreting and Translation, University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance), Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • Academic Member of Institute of Translation and Interpreting.


I began my career in the financial industry having earned my first degree in finance. After realizing where my real passion lies - languages, translation and cultures – I made a decisive career shift to study translation in the United Kingdom and has since then served in multinational companies and conglomerates including BUPA and Philips Electronics as in-house writer. My current research interests in the study of  English literature and theology grew out of my two postgraduate degrees: MA in Translating and Interpreting (Newcastle, UK) and PhD in Literature and Theology (Glasgow).


  • Consecutive Interpreting
  • Advanced Consecutive Interpreting
  • Introduction to Simultaneous Interpreting
  • English-Chinese Liaison Interpreting
  • Practical Translation
  • Specialised Translation
  • Translating Sound and Vision
  • Advanced Chinese

Postgraduate supervision

I am interested in supervising postgraduate research students in the following areas:
Theatre translation
Chinese Shakespeare
Feminist Translation/Gender and Translation
Religious Translation
Interpreting Pedagogy
Translation Education


I have recently published a book entitled The Translatability of the Religious Dimension in Shakespeare from Page to Stage, from West to East: with Reference to The Merchant of Venice in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. In this book I explore how the translator's or the dramatist's theology and religious values interact with the socio-cultural milieu to carve out a unique drama production

Other activities

  • Programme Director for MA in Interpreting with Translation Programme
  • Admissions Tutor for MA in Interpreting with Translation programme
  • ECARS representative for CAL

Commissioned workshops and guest lectures

  • “Significance of women’s involvement in (re-)translating the Chinese Bible”, Guest Lecture at University of Leicester, Leicester, UK, 9 Feb 2023.
  • “Religion and Shakespeare’s Afterlives”, Seminar at 11th World Shakespeare Congress, Singapore, 18-24 July 2021.
  • “Translatability and Untranslatability of Shakespeare’s Religious Language on Chinese Stage”, Guest Lecture at University of Leicester, Leicester, UK, 13 Feb 2020.
  • “Power and Ideology in the Translation of Shakespeare on Chinese Stage”, Guest Lecture at Shakespeare Institute, Nanjing University, Nanjing, China, 27 Dec 2019.



  • The Translatability of the Religious Dimension in Shakespeare from Page to Stage, from West to East. Oregon: Pickwick, 2018. 
  • ACE Course: Learn Arts, Culture and English Expressions through the Bible. Hong Kong: SELBL Limited, 2010.

Book chapter

  • “Role models : Are Teachers More Influential than Peers in training up translators? -Understanding the effects of peer models in translator education.” Festschrift für Don Kiraly. Eds. Hansen-Schirrach, Silvia. Frank and Timme, pp.115-134.
  • “Translatability and Untranslatability of Religious Terminology: A Hermeneutic Perspective.” Terminology Translation in Chinese Contexts: Theory and Practice. Eds. Saihong Li and William Hope. London: Routledge, pp. 87-101.
  • “One Problem Play, Two Measures – Translatability of Christian Ethics in Two Adaptations  of Measure for Measure.” Ethical Exchanges in Translation, Adaptation and Dramaturgy. Eds. Andrea Pelegri, Stuart Young, Emer O’Toole. Boston: Brill, 2017. 135-152
  • “The Transadaption of Shakespeare’s Christian Dimension in China’s Theatre.” Translation, Adaptation, Transformation. Ed. Laurence Raw. London: Continuum, 2012. 99-111.


  • “Significance of Women’s Involvement in (Re-)Translating of the Chinese Bible.” Parallèles 34.1, pp. 106-119
  • “Lin Shu’s Translation of Shakespeare’s Religious Motifs in Twentieth Century China.” Studies in Church History 53: Translating Christianity (June 2017), 389-404.

Conference proceedings

  • “Peer Modelling and Translation Training” in Proceedings of the 49th Annual Conference of   the American Translators Association, Orlando, Florida, United States, Nov, 2008.

Translated book

  • Peter John Williams’ Can we Trust the Gospels? Hong Kong: Multi-Language Publications, 2020.

Commissioned translations

  • Trans. Understanding Islam. Hong Kong: Horizons International Asia, 2019.
  • Trans. 《講得出, 做得到》(Olli Tuominen‘s Say it! Live it!). Hong Kong: Taosheng, 2019.
  • Trans.《我想改變‧才會有變》(I Chose to Change). Hong Kong: NICHE, 2016.
  • Trans. 《基督教的核心》(Marcus Borg’s The Heart of Christianity). Hong Kong: Chinese Christian Literature Council Ltd. Hong Kong: Chinese Literature Council Ltd., 2016.
  • Trans. 《贏在終點》(Olli Tuominen‘s Winning at the Finish Line). Hong Kong: Taosheng,  2015.
  • Trans. 《佔領宗教: 群眾神學》(Joerg Rieger’s and Kwok Pui-lan’s Occupying Religion). Hong Kong: Chinese Christian Literature Council Ltd. Hong Kong: Chinese Literature Council Ltd, 2015.
  • Trans. 《因祢是真神》(Peter Kreeft’s Because God is Real). Hong Kong: Wen Lin Publisher Ltd, 2014.
  • Trans. 《愛的神學》(Werner Jeanrond’s  Theology of Love). Hong Kong: Institute of Sino-Christian Studies, 2014.
  • Trans.《信仰關鍵詞 – 恢復基督教字詞的意義與威力》(Marcus Borg’s Speaking Christian), Hong Kong: Chinese Literature Council Ltd, 2013.
  • Trans.《耶穌的另一面》(Marcus Borg’s Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time), Hong Kong:   Chinese Christian Literature Council Ltd, 2011.

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