Dr Steven Cammiss

Birmingham Law School
Associate Professor in Law

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Birmingham Law School
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Steven is an Associate Professor, having previously worked at the University of Leicester. His research focuses upon the operation of the criminal justice process (particularly courtroom processes) and in the broad field of law and language.

Steven was formerly a member of Leicestershire’s Office of Police and Crime Commissioner’s Ethics, Integrity and Complaints Committee.


  • PhD (Warwick)
  • LLM (KCL, London)
  • LLB (KCL London)


Steven is originally from South East Durham and was the first in his family to attend university. He completed his LLB and LLM in London (KCL) before moving to Warwick for his PhD, where he was also a Graduate Teaching Assistant. His first post was as a lecturer at Birmingham before moving to the University of Leicester, where he was promoted to Senior Lecturer. He returned to Birmingham in January 2021.

Steven was formerly a member of Leicestershire’s Office of Police and Crime Commissioner’s Ethics, Integrity and Complaints Committee.


Steven has longstanding teaching interests in Criminal Law, Criminal Justice and Policing.

Postgraduate supervision

I am interested in supervising students in the broad fields of Criminal Justice, Policing and Law and Language. Previous students have completed their doctorates on subjects such as identifying vulnerability in police custody, the history of jury trial, and incitement to commit genocide.

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Since completing his PhD on the allocation decision in magistrates’ courts, Steven has continued to engage in theoretically informed empirical socio-legal research. He has, as part of a research team, examined the processing of licensing applications, roads policing, and the trials of protestors.

His current research examines the criminal justice process’ response to protest. While much has been written on the policing of protest, comparatively little is known about what happens to those prosecuted in the courts. To remedy this, Steven is part of an interdisciplinary team examining the treatment of protestors in the courts. They have, so far, observed and commented upon the trial of the Stansted 15, and examined the processing of XR protestors who pleaded guilty in the magistrates’ court.


Recent publications


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Book/Film/Article review

Cammiss, S 2014, 'Just Emotions: Rituals of Restorative Justice by Meredith Rossner', Journal of Law and Society, vol. 41, no. 4, pp. 662-668. https://doi.org/10.1111/j.1467-6478.2014.00692.x

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