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Birmingham Law School
Honorary Associate Professor

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Birmingham Law School
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT
United Kingdom

Dr Adrian Hunt teaches and researches in the fields of public law, human rights, crime, and aspects of international law.  He has a particular interest in legal responses to terrorism and has worked as a consultant for the Council of Europe and the OSCE on aspects of counter-terrorism law. His published work in that field has been cited by UK Parliament’s Joint Committee on Human Rights.


  • BCL (NUI)
  • PhD (Birmingham)


Dr Adrian Hunt is a graduate of University College, Cork (Ireland) and undertook his postgraduate work at Birmingham on regulation of telecommunications (and was the first postgraduate teaching assistant in the then-Faculty of Law).


  • 'Pace and Rogers and the Mens Rea of Criminal Attempt: Khan on the Scrapheap?' (2014)  78 Journal of Criminal Law 220  (with John Child)
  • 'From Control Orders to TPIMs: Variations on a Number of Themes in British Legal Responses to Terrorism' Crime, Law and Social Change, 2013. Available at SSRN: http://ssrn.com/abstract=2235805
  • 'Mens Rea and the General Inchoate Offences: Another New Culpability Framework' (2012) 63(2) Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly 245-266 (with J.Child)
  • 'Principles of Criminal Liability for Collective Crimes in Common Law Countries' in O.de Frouville (ed) Punir Les Crimes deMasse: Entreprise Criminelle Commune ou Co-action? ( Anthemsis, 2012) pp.73-105 (with R.Cryer)
  • Risk, Pre-emption , and the Limits of the Criminal Law’ in Doolin et al Whose Criminal Justice? State or Community? (Waterside Press, 2011) pp 51-68 (with J. Child)
  •  ‘Criminal Prohibitions on Direct and Indirect Encouragement of Terrorism’ (2007) Crim.L.R. 441
  • ‘The Licensing Act 2003 and its Implementation: Nanny Knows the Third Way is best’ [2007] 1 Web JCLI  (with C Manchester)
  • ‘The Council of Europe Convention on the Prevention of Terrorism’ (2006) 12(4) European Public Law603
  • ‘La Loi Britannique Relative Aux Droits De L'Homme De 1998: Un Compromis a L'Anglaise" Politeia N°4’ (2003) 75
  • ‘Dogma and pragmatism in telecoms regulation: the case of local loop unbundling.’ (2000) 11(4)Utilities Law Review 115
  • ‘The Director General of Telecommunications and Judicial Review: reflections on the Cellcom case’ (1999) 10 (6) Utilities Law Review 291
  • ‘Prosecutors Advising in Police Stations’ (1998) Crim. L.R.,521 (with J Baldwin)
  • ‘Evaluating Constitutions: The Irish Constitution and the Limits of Constitutionalism’ chapter 24 in Murphy and Twomey (eds) Ireland 's Evolving Constitution, 1937-97: Collected Essays (Hart Publishing, 1997) 
  • ‘Terrorism and Reasonable Suspicion by “Proxy”’ (1997) 113 Law Quarterly Review 548
  • ‘Regulation of Telecommunications: the Developing EU Regulatory Framework and its Impact on the United Kingdom ’ (1997) 3 European Public Law 93
  • ‘Fundamental Rights and the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act’ (1995) 111 Law Quarterly Review 265

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  • Legal responses to terrorism