James Everest

James Everest

Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences
Teaching Fellow

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  • BA (Hons) – Cambridge (2007)
  • MRes – Queen Mary, University of London (2011)
  • PhD – UCL (2017)


Before joining LANS, I was a teaching associate in the Department of Arts and Sciences (BASc) at UCL and also in the Department of English at Queen Mary, University of London. I have been and am still a researcher on a project on the post-war life of Otto Wächter, the Nazi Governor of Galicia (now western Ukraine). The research on this project formed the basis for the BBC Radio 4 documentary Intrigue: The Ratline and will appear in Philippe Sands’s forthcoming book A Death in the Vatican. After an undergraduate degree in languages, I spent three years working in social policy communication, before gaining a completing degree in English at Queen Mary, University of London, and a PhD in History at UCL. I have published journal articles on Francis Bacon’s method and his work on light and on the Shakespeare scholar Harold Jenkins’s copy of a radical collection of essays, Alternative Shakespeares.


I facilitate the delivery of the LANS core first- and second-year modules:

  • From Research to Policy I and II
  • Interdisciplinarity I and II

I also supervise fourth-year students taking an interdisciplinary independent research project.


  • Seventeenth-century intellectual history
  • The impact of ‘theory’ on the discipline of English
  • The ‘ratline’ by which former members of the Nazi regime escaped prosecution


  • (2018) (researcher) Intrigue: The Ratline, BBC Radio 4.
  • (2017) (with Clare Whitehead) ‘Harold Jenkins’s Copy of Alternative Shakespeares’, Critical Survey 29(2), 21-42.
  • (2015) ‘Francis Bacon’s Method and the Investigation of Light’, Intellectual History Review 25(4), 391-400.