Mr Peter Thornton BSc(eng)

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Engine Research and Development Engineer

Contact details

School of Mechanical Engineering
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Peter joined the university in 1980 after working for triplex safety glass as a research engineer and latterly as Apprentice School training officer.

He has worked with many professors in Mechanical Engineering. Dr Sadek Noise and vibration ,Professor Davies on bonded structures , Professor Tobias on petroforge, D.Aspinwall machine tool cutting and is presently working with Professor Miroslaw L Wysznski on future power systems in conjunction with Jaguar cars Johnson Matthey and Mass speck U.K

He works with undergraduates and postgraduate students and acts as a mentor on the team building trips to Coniston

He is in charge of the building for Mechanical Engineering.

Peter sits on various committees including

  • safety committee
  • environmental group
  • senior technicians committee
  • school committee.

He is also a member of the Admissions team and contributes to Headstart, the EES, and open days.